Radiocentre urges a more distinctive BBC

The BBC should welcome the drive towards more distinctive radio services as part of Charter Review, according to Radiocentre.

Speaking at the Westminster Media Forum conference on BBC Charter Review and the impact on the wider creative market Siobhan Kenny, CEO of Radiocentre, said that the focus on improving the distinctiveness of BBC radio would ultimately provide listeners with an even greater choice of high quality content and avoid too much duplication at peak times.

Siobhan Kenny said: “The BBC has nothing to fear if the outcome of Charter Review is that services like Radio 1 and Radio 2 are required to be more distinctive during peak hours and are more rigorously held to account by an external regulator.

This will be of benefit to listeners who will have access to a broader range of content available, enrich the offering of the BBC and help ensure a better balance in the UK radio market”.

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