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5 live cancels regular radio programmes for EU

BBC Radio 5 live has ripped up its schedules today in direct response to 3,500 people contacting the station wanting to air their views.

They’re all talking about the historic vote to decide whether the United Kingdom should remain in or leave the European Union.

The station had to increase the number of people on its phone lines to give people a national platform to air their thoughts on the EU Referendum which will be the most important election to take place across the UK for a generation.

BBC Radio 5 live Head of News, Rozina Breen, told us: “Today, we let the audience take charge of BBC Radio 5 live with arguably the biggest ever EU referendum phone-in that will span 14 hours in total. The numbers of people wanting to have their say are unprecedented and it is only right that we give them a national platform to debate the issues that matter most.

“Throwing out the day’s running orders at the last minute to reflect the swell of interaction – in the way that only BBC Radio 5 live can – reflects our ability and agility in bringing together audiences from around the UK, with flair and ambition, to ensure we are where the conversation is – to be at the heart of the people’s debate.”

Between 10pm on Tuesday and 2pm today over 1,500 people called BBC Radio 5 live to air their thoughts on the EU Referendum – a further 2000 people sent texts to the station to share their views.

Tomorrow (Thursday) BBC Radio 5 live will be covering all of the latest EU Referendum news and bringing the latest updates from the moment the polls close until the final result is announced.

Here’s how the night looks:


2150 – 0000 – Stephen Nolan – EU Referendum Special
On a special edition of the Stephen Nolan programme Stephen is joined by BBC Radio 5 live political correspondent Chris Mason to report on the early results as they come in.


0000 – 0500 – Referendum 2016
BBC Radio 5 live joins up with BBC Radio 4 for Referendum 2016 as BBC presenters James Naughtie and Carolyn Quinn reflect on the night’s results.

0500-0900 – 5 live Breakfast
BBC Radio 5 live Breakfast presenter Nicky Campbell will be live from Westminster, with fellow presenters Claire McDonnell in central Manchester and Rachel Burden in the studio to give you the latest reaction to the morning’s results.

The rest of the day will include rolling coverage of the EU Referendum result and what it means for the British public with Peter Allen presenting the 5 live Daily programme (1000-1300), Sarah Brett and Adrian Charles providing further analysis on 5 live News (1300-1600) and Anna Foster and Tony Livesey presenting a round-up of the day’s reaction on 5 live Drive (1600-1930).

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