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Pregnant woman trapped in a lift goes live on BOB

BOB fm has been entertaining listeners this morning with the real-time drama of a pregnant woman stuck in a lift being broadcast live on-air.

It came about after breakfast presenters Graham Mack and Chris Hubbard were talking about the story of a four year old who got a child’s toilet seat stuck on his head. Graham asked for ‘getting stuck’ stories.

Dean James called in and said at that very moment his daughter Nadine Evans-James was stuck in a lift at Birch Court flats in Welwyn Garden City where she lives. Graham called Nadine and for the next two hours followed the drama live on BOB fm. Towards the end of the show Nadine revealed that she was four months pregnant with her first child.

Graham Mack said “If I’d known she was four months pregnant, I wouldn’t have asked her to jump up and down!”

Listen to how the drama unfolded here.

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