Iain Lee dissects new Bauer radio style guide

talkRADIO’s Iain Lee spent the first 15 minutes of his show tonight laying into the new Bauer style guide which has been given out to presenters on the Bauer City 1 network.

Listen to the link in full below – and stick with it.

After criticising the style guide, Iain told listeners: “I just made myself unemployable by an entire radio network. Soulless. Absolutely soulless. Sucking the joy out of radio. When I listen to radio, I want to hear people talking with passion. You can’t be passionate when you’re sucking the soul out of radio. It’s awful.”

He also made it clear he was laying into management in radio who’d come up with the presenter guide, rather than the jocks themselves. “I’m not knocking any of you at all,” he said. “I’m probably going to make a load of enemies with this. Genuinely I respect anybody that can turn a dollar in this stupid stupid business.”

Iain has produced his own spoof version of the document too, with a fake talkRADIO style guide:

Danny Baker has also had his say on the guide too, with controversial comments here, here and over here.

Listen to the Iain Lee audio in full, clipped by RadioMoments:

Posted on Tuesday, February 7th, 2017 at 11:22 pm by RadioToday UK

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