Radio 1 Vintage to celebrate 50th anniversary

The BBC is operating a digital pop-up station this September to celebrate the 50th anniversary of BBC Radio 1 and Radio 2.

Tony Blackburn will be on the station, who will host a live show with Nick Grimshaw, simulcast on Radio 1 and Radio 2 on September 30th from 8.30am.

Tony will also recreate the opening of BBC Radio 1, including ‘Flowers in the Rain’ by The Move, famously the first song ever played on Radio 1. This show will be broadcast live from 7:00am on Radio 1 Vintage and Radio 2 (as a part of Sounds of the Sixties).

Noel Edmonds, John Peel, Kenny Everett, Alan Freeman, Mike Read, Zoe Ball and Chris Moyles will also be heard on the station, along with Janice Long, Jackie Brambles, Tommy Vance, Gary DAvies, Rosko, Zane Lowe and Simon Bates.

The station will be on for 50 hours, and feature 50 one-hour-long shows with the special guest presenters and archive recordings.

There will also be programmes about classic shows including Radio 1 Roadshows, Radio 1’s Live Lounge, Radio 1’s Official Chart, Newsbeat, 1990s Comedy Shows, ‘They Started at Radio 1’, and ‘Epic Documentary Series’.

With more to be confirmed, shows will feature archive content, music that’s spanned the last 50 years, and DJs will be invited back to share their memories of all the behind-the-scenes gossip, looking back at their favourite Radio 1 moments for the start of the programmes. After these introductions the shows will be compilations of favourite bits of original broadcasts and listeners will be able to enjoy the shows in the same way that they would have when they were teenagers.

Radio 1 Vintage will kick off on Saturday 30th September 2017, 50 years to the day since Radio 1 launched. It was also the start date of Radio 3 and Radio 4.

Ben Cooper (Controller BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra & Asian Network) says: “Radio 1 is the soundtrack to young people’s lives in the UK and has been for the last 50 years, so it’s going to be a lot of fun reliving that pop culture and great music.”

Nick Grimshaw says: “Radio 1 is the only station I’ve loyally listened to my whole life. From John Peel playing punk on night times and Sara Cox playing Missy on breakfast it was key in forming my musical education. I can’t wait to celebrate 50 years with the legend that is Tony Blackburn!”

Tony Blackburn says: “Launching Radio 1 on 30th September 1967 is, undoubtedly, the highlight of my career. Having worked on the great Pirate radio ships, Caroline and London, being the first DJ on Radio 1 I saw first-hand the impact that the stations had on the British public. It is hard to imagine that there was a time when the BBC would only play 45 minutes of popular music per day and we, as teenagers, had to wait until 7pm in the evening for Radio Luxembourg to come on, and play the music we wanted to hear. I owe so much to Radio 1 for my long career, to have been there at the beginning and to still be part of the BBC, it has been amazing to see how it has developed over the years to changes in technology, music, demand and, of course, its ever changing audience.”

Radio 1 Vintage will be available live on DAB Digital Radio, online and via BBC iPlayer Radio and UK Radio Player. Programmes/Archived Features confirmed so far are from:

· Noel Edmonds
· Janice Long
· Jackie Brambles
· Dave Pearce
· Kenny Everett
· Johnnie Walker
· Tommy Vance
· Kevin Greening
· Bobby & Nihal
· Mike Read
· Ed Stewart
· Mike Smith
· Mark Radcliffe
· Rob Da Bank
· Alan Freeman
· Annie Nightingale
· Mark Goodier
· Pete Tong
· Trevor Nelson
· Zoe Ball
· Bob Harris
· Steve Lamacq
· Sara Cox
· Tim Westwood
· Chris Moyles
· Gary Davies
· Simon Mayo
· Mary Anne Hobbs
· Emperor Rosko
· Zane Lowe
· David Jensen
· Jo Whiley
· Fabio and Grooverider
· Fearne Cotton
· Simon Bates
· Colin and Edith

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  1. john bodman says

    Radio 1 Vintage will be a fantastic listen and I am so looking forward to hearing many of the voices that I grew up with.

    I hope David Hamilton will be asked to contribute to the celebrations?
    (My auntie was once one of the recipients of his Bouquet For The Bride – and she has never forgotten…thank you David, for the lovely flowers!!)

    Good luck to all taking part – and Happy 50th to Radio 1

    John B

  2. Charlie Reynolds says

    Good! Can’t wait.

  3. DJ Brian Manger says

    3 of the ‘confirmed presenters’ are sadly RIP…?

  4. Matt B says

    This is going to be great,but where is Mr Evans?

  5. Willie Bone says

    To make 247 meters really nostalgic would have to include after dark continental interference from Albania & that dead phone sounding jamming signal from the old Eastern bloc, attempting to block out the anti-soviet propaganda from Radio Tirana back in the 1960s/70s! Programme wise, I hope the line up includes David Symonds & Keith Skues..

  6. Charlie Reynolds says

    The a in Gary Davies’ name is in uppercase instead of lowercase.

    1. Jamie Sutton says

      wHo giveS a s**t???

  7. Lynsey Houston-Mailey says

    Very excited about this! Whoop whoop!

  8. Colm Hassan says

    OK. Interesting.

  9. Jeremy Clarkson says

    Where’s David Hamilton and Chris Evans? BOSH!

  10. Brenda from Bristol says

    Not another one. Come on!

  11. Paul Walter says

    Would love to have Tony Brandon added to the list!

  12. Paul Walter says

    And Peter Powell, Steve Wright and Paul Burnett.

  13. Darren Plumpton says

    PLEASE can Radio 1 vintage become a permanent station as I have sorely missed the original format of Radio 1 that Matthew Bannister obliterated so heavy handedly.
    In only a matter of weeks the Radio 1that I had grown up with was gone and given to young rap loving 18 to 25 year olds.
    I Love the rebranded old style of Radio 1logo(my favorite ever Radio logo.)
    Also looking forward to all the fantastic singing old jingles.
    You can keep your Radio 1big weekends because the original format Radio 1Roadshows were as their jingles used to say “the Original and the Best.”
    Let Forever FM become Radio 1vintage and make it a New oldies station please.

  14. Kevin says

    Where’s Bruno and Liz

  15. Kevin says

    Bruno and Liz in the mornings…da da Radio 1

  16. Simon Campbell says

    Diddy David Hamilton’s missing from the list? Bring back Diddy!

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