JACK fm Berkshire to rebrand as Sam FM on DAB

JACK fm Berkshire, recently banished to DAB, is changing its name to Sam FM Thames Valley from September 4th.

The station was recently removed from 107 FM, after being taken over by The Breeze Reading on August 14th by parent company Celador Radio.

Branding on JACK fm, which is currently presenter-free, says it is changing to Sam FM but despite the new name, will play the same music. It currently has local news and travel information for the Reading area.

The move means there will only be one JACK fm station remaining in the UK on FM. At its peak, there were stations in Swindon, Bristol, Hertfordshire and the South Coast as well as the remaining original station in Oxford. JACK fm previously published a website with a plan to launch in London, the Midlands, North West, North East, Yorkshire, Scotland and Wales.

Celador already operates Sam FM in Bristol, Swindon and the South Coast.

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  1. Joe Smith says

    Wouldn’t CRAP FM be more suitable?

  2. Lee says

    No surprise. More of the same old same old. Boring and bland UK Commercial Radio. Full of syndicated programming playing a high rotation of the same old music, high rotation of the same commercials and bland presenters who have nothing of quality to say during links and told to broadcast the radio station name every 5 minutes either verbally, by voice over or jingles. What a state! I’ve lost total interest in UK commercial radio. Go online and find a radio station with character and real music variety.

  3. Ray Bower says

    Jack off in the Thames Valley on 4 September.

  4. Jeremy Stokes says

    Love Jack FM – just know Sam FM will be crap. It certainly is in Bristol

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