Radio Dead added to iHeartRadio Australia

Steve Penk’s digital station Radio Dead has been added to the line-up of iHeartRadio in Australia and New Zealand.

The move means iHeartRadio listeners will be able to find the station whilst browsing stations in the brand’s app and website.

iHeartRadio COO Geraint Davies said: “This is yet another way iHeartRadio is able to give listeners a tailored, personalised entertainment experience featuring the artists they love and the music they want – anywhere, anytime. iHeartRadio listeners already enjoy hundreds of genre specific and customised stations and I am excited to be adding Radio Dead to our platform to celebrate the life and work of so many iconic artists.”

iHeartRadio Australia is operated by ARN – the company which owns KIIS, Pure Gold, The Edge and MIX stations.

Steve Penk said: “Radio Dead is an interesting, compelling and globally unique format that pays tribute to all the amazing artists who are sadly no longer with us, but have left behind a wealth of amazing music that most other radio stations ignore, or at best, very rarely play anymore. It’s a way of showcasing all of these brilliant artists to a new generation of listeners who may not every have heard this music before.”

“It’s not just solo artists and or lead singers of famous bands who are featured on Radio Dead. It’s important we also remember all the talented drummers, guitarists, keyboard players and backing singers from famous bands who have died, and it's this that makes Radio Dead a truly fascinating and unique listen.”

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