RAJAR Q2 2017: Regional and local round-up

BBC Radio London has almost doubled its audience in the last quarter, giving the station its highest ever audience since RAJAR’s current methodology began.

Weekly Reach has increased quarter on quarter from 329,000 to 621,000, and is also up year-on-year by 112,000 listeners. Vanessa Feltz attracts 307,000 listeners each week to her breakfast show.

Editor of BBC Radio London, David Robey said: “It’s good to see more listeners than ever choosing BBC Radio London for our comprehensive and balanced coverage of big news events as well as entertainment, culture, music and sport.”

Meanwhile, at BBC Radio Kent, the station has lost 73,000 listeners this quarter, taking it down to 198,000 weekly listeners. The new figure takes the station back to around the 200,000 mark where it has been since 2014 with the exception of the last few surveys.

Observations from around the UK:

– Gem 106 is reporting a record high of 518,000 weekly reach – up from 493,000 last quarter and 503,000 last year

– Capital Liverpool continues to fall since its rebrand from Juice – from 214,000 last quarter (234,000 last year) to 167,000 – its lowest figure since 2010

– Capital Yorkshire drops from 1.10m to 1.06m weekly listeners

– Smooth North West returns to the biggest station outside London, with 1.17m weekly listeners – it’s highest ever reach

– More good news for Communicorp as record reaches are recorded for Heart Yorkshire and Smooth East Midlands too

– Radio City 2 continues to grow on FM – now at 200,000 weekly listeners from 151,000 this time last year

– Premier Christian Radio has lost 98,000 listeners down to 75,000 weekly reach this quarter

– Downtown Country is up quarterly from 103,000 to 126,000 on the DAB platform in Northern Ireland

– Radio Aire 2 has almost as many listeners as Radio Aire – just 10,000 between them

– Key 103 has dipped this quarter by 30,000 listeners but is up 26,000 year-on-year taking it to 368,000 listeners

– Metro Radio has also lost listeners this quarter, going from 381,000 to 318,000

– At Heart – drops for South West, North East, North West, Scotland and Sussex whilst the rest increase or remain static

– Radio X Manchester has lost 26,000 listeners this quarter, down to 200,000 listeners – the same as it was two years ago as XFM

– Signal One and Two both lose listeners quarter-on-quarter and year-on-year – One has 242,000 (from 265,000) and Two has 55,000 (from 73,000)

– 107 JACK fm in Berkshire added 1,000 to its weekly reach this quarter, taking it to 24,000 listeners ahead of its rebrand to The Breeze

– JACK fm Oxford is down 10,000 listeners quarterly, taking it back to the 71,000 weekly reach it had 12 months ago

– JACK 2 is also down, to its lowest weekly reach of 37,000 from 52,000 a year ago

– London DAB stations Chris Country and Thames Radio are up – Chris Country has gone from 23,000 to 33,000 quarter on quarter. Thames Radio – which recently dropped all presenters from its schedule and went non-stop music – has quadrupled its audience reach compared with Q1/17, up from 4,000 to 16,000.

Smooth Radio celebrates 9 years of being the biggest commercial station in the North West

Have you seen any significant increases or losses in weekly reach that we haven’t mentioned? Email news@radiotoday.co.uk as we update this story through the day.

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