Viking fails to deliver first Hull commentary

Viking 2 has said sorry to Hull supporters for not being able to deliver the much-hyped first game of the season against Aston Villa.

Technical difficulties were blamed for the fail, with the club saying that the requested ISDN line from Aston Villa which would have enabled them to broadcast the game, did not work. Multiple attempts were made to rectify the situation to no avail, the club said.

The commentary is also carried online to paying subscribers, and the club said it will be refunding a whole months payment for the loss of commentary.

The Bauer station won the contract for exclusive radio commentary this season, after the club chose to withdraw from an agreement with BBC Radio Humberside. The BBC, meanwhile, continued to report from the match with updates on all frequencies.

Viking 2 tweeted to say “We were hoping to bring you live commentary of today’s match, however due to technical difficulties we are unable to do this. Apologies.”

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Posted on Sunday, August 6th, 2017 at 10:00 am by UK - Reporter

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  1. Charlie Reynolds says

    Poor Viking 2. Should have stayed with BBC Humberside.

  2. Lee says

    It was also live on Talk Sport and the club itself tweeted that out.

  3. Nigel Peacock says

    Commercial radio has been left behind on football commentaries by community radio.

    ISDN lines? What are they all about?

    Eden FM (Penrith) provided a full commentary yesterday, with a laptop, three channel USB mixer, two microphones, a dedicated web stream (£3 a month) and wi-fi to the clubs internet. A 3G dongle was available for back up.

    It doesn’t need to be more complicated than that.

  4. Steven Oliver says

    Memo to Viking 2. Next time, take plenty of money for the meter!

  5. Simon Parrock says

    My local hospital radio station has used web technology for the last year or so to broadcast both football and rugby commentary. It’s not difficult!

  6. Pirate DJ says

    No need to use ISDN these days, internet streaming is just as effective,
    stable, and cheaper.

    Oh, sorry – Bauer did away with their local techy teams when the centralised everything….Silly me!

  7. Joe Smith says

    Lack of competence plus a lack of interest doesn’t bode well for anyone wanting to listen this season.

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