Wyvern memories wanted ahead of 35th birthday

The first presenter on Worcester-based Radio Wyvern is putting together a website of memories as the 35th anniversary of its launch approaches.

Sammy Southall wants anyone who worked at Radio Wyvern over the years to contribute their stories to the project, along with any photos, audio or videos.

The MyWyvernStory website aims to celebrate the station’s birthday with a ‘nostalgic look back at this notable period of broadcast history’.

Radio Wyvern launched from studios in Barbourne Terrace, Worcester on 4th October 1982, relocating more than 20 years later to studios in the city’s Perdiswell Park area. It was rebranded from Wyvern to Free Radio by then-owner Orion Media in 2012.

The station helped launch the careers of presenters including Neil Fox, Eleanor Olydroyd, Mike George and Elliot Webb.

Sammy told RadioToday: “So many people came and went through the doors of 5/6 Barbourne Terrace, all with a tale or two to share and many have said to me over the years that their time at Wyvern holds a special place in their hearts. Having enlisted Wyvern’s originator Rob Yarnold’s support and blessing, I am now creating a special website of Wyvern Stories. We envisage it as a place where we can all share with each other our favourite anecdotes and memories, photos, air checks and video clips, etc. from this amazing time.”

“I am sure there are a wealth of fascinating and interesting stories to be found and told. I look forward to collating and posting them all online. So can you find an hour to sit down and cast you’re your mind back to your time at Wyvern? Regardless of which department you were in – on-air, news, sales, production or admin – it will be great to hear from you, with your look back at Wyvern and what it meant to you. What are your funniest and warmest memories of the station? How did you first hear about it? What happened at your interview? How was your first day at Wyvern Towers like, what were your first impressions? What is your favourite Wyvern story? Send me your most interesting stories, the funniest, warmest, wittiest moments, the lessons you learnt and the friendships you made.”

Sammy’s also looking for mp3 airchecks, video footage, scanned photos, newspaper cuttings or programme schedules from Radio Wyvern through the years.

He added: “If you were at Wyvern for 6 weeks, 6 months or like me for 16 years or more, I would love to help share your Wyvern story. While we particularly welcome contributions from those of you who were lucky enough to enter the hallowed portals of Barbourne Terrace, if you were with the station during its later incarnation in Perdiswell before the name was changed, your stories are very welcome too.”

You can email Sammy on sammy@mywyvernstory.co.uk or leave your memories via the website at www.mywyvernstory.co.uk

Listen to the launch of Radio Wyvern with Sammy Southall from October 4th 1982…

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Posted on Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 at 3:38 pm by RadioToday UK

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