Damien & Jules replace Bam Bam on Sam FM

Presenter Bam Bam has left the breakfast show on Celador’s South Coast regional station after six years.

He joined in July 2011 as the station rebranded from Coast 106 to JACK fm, and stayed with it as it changed to Sam FM in 2015.

But today a new breakfast show has been announced, as “Damien and Jules” – former Sam FM drivetime show host Damien St John and former Fire Radio home time presenter Juliet Mayne – take over the slot.

Damien has been with Celador in Southampton since December 2012 and previously worked at BBC Radio Leicester and freelanced at Heart, BRMB, Mercia, Beacon and more. Juliet joined Celador in August 2014 and was previously with JACK fm Hertfordshire, Heart and Q103.

Bam Bam is launching a new podcasting website and will shortly be offering his own Bam Podcast.

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Posted on Monday, September 4th, 2017 at 8:18 am by UK - Reporter

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  1. Mike says

    Why has SAM FM dropped Bam, Hayley and Harry? Shame as they are a cracking laugh; their replacements are just vanilla.

  2. Rogster says

    I listened for about 5 mins and that was enough..
    Bam, Hayley and Dave will be sorely missed, they managed to fill the Moyles shaped hole in my mornings.

  3. Brian Smith says

    Agreed. Bam and the gang were a great laugh and when things went wrong or bam may have sworn it reminded you that it’s real people doing radio and not ridiculously pc like BBC radio. Gutted they’re off now.

  4. James says

    Shame Bam has gone – no longer worth listening to Sam

  5. Stuart says

    The only reason i listned to jack fm ;-(

  6. Dan Probut says

    Mark and lard. Chris Moyle’s. And now bam, radio has just had another nail in its coffin. There’s nothing worth listening to anymore. Unless the tripe radio 1 churns out floats your boat. Bam and the gang will be missed. May as well take the radio out of the car now.

    1. RadioToday says

      You know Chris Moyles is still on the radio at breakfast don’t you?

  7. Sean says

    Does anyone know why they got canned?

  8. Rx says

    Very sad to hear Bam, Hayley and Dave have gone. Have been waking up to them every morning and then in car on way to work for a number of years. Thought they had gone on holiday ! Now I realise they have gone for good I need to scan the airwaves for personality again.

  9. Maryam says

    How am I supposed to have breakfast now??? Very sad news indeed. My mornings will never be the same 🙁 Bam Bam, Dave, Harley and Harry was such an amazing team! All the best to you guys wherever you are. Waiting for the Bam Bam podcast…

  10. James says

    This is such a shame, bam is the best radio presenter out there.. such a energetic & fun personality. And not just that, but Dave, Hayley and harry (and welshy before him who was awesome) were great too. Great dynamics between them. I’m gonna be waiting a long long time before finding another breakfast show that comes close to this one. Such a shame

  11. Buster says

    After 3 years of listening to Bam and the crew on the way to work, this news is shocking, they were a class act. It’s just not the same without them.

  12. Nik says

    Considering Jack Fms listeners went up by 52% when Bam joined, you’d think they would be a bit more loyal to him. By far one of the best breakfast show presenters out there, it was a great show to listen to and now they’ve got probably one of the unfunniest Djs out there. No doubt all in the name of PC, can’t have them little snowflakes hearing non PC, it might hurt their little snowflake ears, well I’m off to find a new radio station

  13. Suzi Bonner says

    So sad Bam Bam, Hayley, Harry and Dave have gone. They were the best. Wish them well. They will be sorely missed. Wish we had known what was happening.

  14. les says

    Cant listen to Sam fm breakfast now…..its become bland, boring, by the numbers radio.

  15. Sam says

    Totally agree, they just don’t have the ‘energy ‘ Bam Bam has.

    Already tuned out ?

    1. David Gabriel says

      I went on holiday, came back and they were gone!!! Does anyone know the story of why and did they actually announce it themselves?

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