Full schedule revealed for Radio 1 Vintage

The full schedule for the upcoming Radio 1 Vintage pop-up radio station has been published.

It shows a number of presenters from the history of the station hosting hour long shows – around 50 of them – to mark 50 years since BBC Radio 1 launched on September 30th, 1967.

It starts at 6am on September 30th, counting down to a recreation of the opening on Radio 1 at 7am with Tony Blackburn. This will also be broadcast live on Radio 2. Then Nick Grimshaw joins Tony for a live simulcast on Radio 1 till 10am. Following that, a mixture of live, pre-recorded or archive recordings make up the rest of the schedule, including material from Kenny Everett, Mike Smith, Tommy Vance, Kevin Greening, Alan Freeman, Ed Stewart, and John Peel. A number of ‘duos’ are also reunited.

Hosting hour slots are David Kid Jensen, Colin & Edith, Adrian Juste, Roger Scott, Fearne & Reggie, Nicky Campbell, Dave Pearce, Pete Tong, Fabio & Grooverider, Zoe Ball, Chris Moyles, Bruno & Liz, Jackie Brambles, Trevor Nelson, Annie Nightingale, Zane Lowe, Johnnie Walker, Bobby Friction & Nihal, Tim Westwood, Mike Read, Noel Edmonds, Simon Mayo, Sara Cox, Simon Bates, Rosko, Gary Davies, Mark & Lard, Bob Harris, Peter Powell, Steve Wright, Rob Da Bank and Mary Anne Hobbs.

One of the station’s biggest stars of the 90s – Chris Evans – is noticeably absent from the schedule.

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Posted on Friday, September 1st, 2017 at 10:23 am by UK - Reporter

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  1. Charlie Reynolds says

    Great. Shame about Chris Evans, though.

    1. Kev says

      I’m not surprised Chris Evans is absent. His Breakfast Show stint did not go well. Four days a week and failing to turn up to present some of them. Not a good career highlight for him.

  2. Dan Dean says

    David Hamilton….Adrian John….Stuart Henry….JUST three names that come to mind that contributed a great deal….but all left and the BBC does not take kindly to that !!!!

    1. Kenny Philips says

      No Andy Peebles (12 years at Radio 1) either

  3. Mr B says

    Where is Chris Evans loved Chris Evan on the Breakfast show,may not have been some people’s cup of tea but he was(still is brilliant).Being 15-16 in 95-96 the music was brilliant height of Brit Pop it was amazing,and Mr Evans was brilliant on TV and radio with it.Shame it all went abit pants in 97

  4. Dave Wiggywiggins says

    Get David Hamilton On To Radio one Vintage And Get Noel Edmonds On To Radio one vintage And Dave Lee Travis

  5. Philip Carman says

    No DLT neither? Its bad enough his totp shows are omitted, but he was an integral part of radio 1 for me.

  6. monitorman232 says

    Where’s Paul Burnett?

  7. Pete Samuels says

    Sorry, but I won’t be ‘celebrating’ 50 years of Radio 1, I shall be lamenting the passing of Radio London and the other offshore stations which this pale imitation sought to replace.

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