Ray Rose gets 80s show on Wireless stations

Wireless Group’s local Greatest Hits radio stations, Signal 2, Pulse 2 and Swansea Sound are coming together each weekday evening from October 9 for three hours of 80s music.

The show will be hosted by Ray Rose who previously presented the drive show on Pulse 2. Prior to that he was the network evening show presenter on Magic, a show that ran for over four years.

Ray Rose said: The show will play the biggest hits of this great decade of music and will also unearth some hidden 80s treasures. Step back in time with me to relive everything from the soothing melodies of A-ha to the one hit wonders of Rick Astley in this defining era of music. I’m so Excited, we’ll be Going Back to our Roots and by the end of it you’ll be Walking Like an Egyptian!”

Commenting on the new show, Group Programme Director of Wireless Group local stations, Terry Underhill, said: “By introducing this regular daily show to our Greatest Hits stations, we’re recognising the love for this amazing decade of music. We’ve also chosen a presenter who can bring this music to life, with lots of listener interaction and passion. Nothing’s Gonna’ Stop Us Now!”

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  1. Richard M White says

    Rick Astley – one hit wonder? He had EIGHT top 10 hits in a row!!!!!!

  2. Dave Wiggy Wiggins says

    Why Not Get This Good Presenter Nick Wright Who Is On This Station justgreatsongs.com To Be A Presenter On The 80s Show On Wirelss Group Greatest Hits Stations That Would Be Better Now

  3. Lee says

    More syndication on commercial radio! Boring! Why an 80’s show? You could listen to Absolute 80s or Heart 80’s all day every day across the UK on Dab.

  4. Rob Charles says

    And these people get paid for these great & unique ideas! It must have taken days to come up with it.

  5. Stuart says

    As Lee said, there are already enough dedicated 80’s stations on digital radio. I also have Free Radio 80’s and Love 80’s Liverpool available on DAB/DAB+ where I live. As well as all those 80’s stations, there are plenty of other 80’s shows on other oldies stations.

    And why do all these 80’s stations appear to copy each other by having to play ‘The ‘Greatest Hits of the 80’s’? It’s about time these stations changed what they played by playing songs that were still good songs and enjoyable to listen to but maybe didn’t make it into the Top 20 or Top 40. Because it seems to me, most of the 80’s music that is played on these stations, was from the Top 20 and still a fair few from singles that only got as high as Numbers 21-40.

    So come on Absolute 80’s, Heart 80’s, Free Radio 80’s, Love 80’s Liverpool and any others that exist, play less from the Top 40 and more singles that only got as high as Numbers 41-100. And play some album tracks too! Because by playing an 80’s Top 20 or Top 40 playlist, you’re really restricting yourselves on what you play when there are many more amazing 80’s songs that were recorded and released as singles or album tracks but have since been forgotten about due to little or no airplay. Those songs to me are screaming to be heard again.

    There’s only so many times a day or even a week you need to play some songs such as Soft Cell – Tainted Love! And as for Belinda Carlisle – Heaven is a Place on Earth, it seems that according to all radio stations in the UK, and not just 80’s stations either, the fact that that song is the only Belinda Carlisle song that ever gets played, you all make it seem like she’s a One-Hot Wonder too!!! When in actual fact she’s had 8 UK singles that have charted during the 80’s and another 15 during the 90’s!!!

  6. Michael Plevin says

    I hadn’t even realised that signal 2 was actually still local of sorts after 7 before this show rep
    aced it, in 2017 you just assume it will be networked and don’t listen. To be a little different to the staboard choice of 80s stations we now have already, perhaps this could be a locally done 80s show from Signal instead. Free 80s is quite easily receivable in the area also on 1017 and in some parts DAB.

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