Clare Balding says goodbye to BBC Radio 2


Clare Balding is leaving Good Morning Sunday on BBC Radio 2, after five years on the show.

Clare joined the station in January 2013 to replace Aled Jones. The broadcaster announced the news on-air this morning.

She said: “I am so sorry to be leaving Good Morning Sunday, a show I have loved presenting for the past 5 years. Upcoming schedule changes to Sunday mornings on Radio 2 mean that I can’t continue to present the programme along with my other work commitments. I’d like to thank the team at BBC Religion in particular my producer Janet McLarty but most of all, I’d like to thank the listeners and the guests I’ve interviewed for their kindness and their compassion. I shall miss them all.”

Lewis Carnie, Head of Radio 2, says: “I’d like to thank Clare for effortlessly easing Radio 2 listeners into their Sunday mornings and we hope to work with her on new projects in 2018 and beyond.”

In the short term, Good Morning Sunday will be presented by Angie Greaves, who has previously presented this show while Clare has been away. Radio 2 continues its commitment to religious programming on Sunday mornings and a new schedule will be announced soon.

Before joining Radio 2, Clare hosted the walking series Ramblings on BBC Radio 4.

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  1. Nea says

    So what great changes does Lewis Carnie have for Sunday mornings on Radio 2? Let’s hope they are not as stupid and don’t annoy as many Radio 2 listeners as his previous ones. Still greatly miss America’s Greatest Hits with Gambo, the removal of Bob Harris, loss of overnights with Janice and Alex and Huey Morgan’s move to 5am Saturday and Sunday mornings. But hey all in the name of Soul, Disco and 80’s music. It’s not even that I dislike those types of music but just that you can find them on nearly every commercial radio station in the UK on a Friday and Saturday night. Thought we paid a licence fee for alternative choices as opposed to a clone service of other radio stations?!

  2. Joe Smith says

    Now if the headline was “BBC says goodbye to Clare Balding” it would be worth reading.

  3. Sue Jackson says

    I hope they don’t move the programme to an ealier slot like they did with Sound of the Sixties! I am now not usually awake early enough to listen to the sixties music that I love! Fingers crossed that this delightful religious programme stays at the same time if not a little later. We don’t get many programmes like this on the radio so let’s keep this one!

  4. Heather says

    Good morning Sunday is a special part of Sunday and should be left alone, I would seriously think about my loyalty to radio2if this was changed, it is bad enough that we have to lose Claire, do not change this programme or you will lose a lot of listeners

  5. Victoria Berry says

    Radio 2 on Sunday morning is no where near as good as it used to be with the lovely hymns from 6am to 7am and the the Good Morning Sunday with Claire. I just turn it off now as the music and chat is really not up to the standard I want

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