Heart & Magic Christmas radio stations launch


The UK has at least two national Christmas music stations this year as Heart extra xmas and Magic Christmas launch in the same week.

Magic Christmas (More of the songs yule love) started earlier this week (Nov 6th), taking the spot previously used by Kiss Fresh, as planned, and Heart extra xmas has appeared over the weekend in place of Heart extra.

Both stations are now available via Digital One across the UK.

In addition to the national stations, a number of local and online stations are planned including Wave Christmas, Pulse Christmas and Signal Christmas which started on Friday 10th November. The Scottish Sun Christmas Radio starts broadcasting to Central Scotland on DAB from November 17th.

And appearing on DAB in Liverpool and Surrey will be Christmas FM. Christmas FM has been broadcasting in Ireland for many years, raising money for charities in Ireland. Christmas FM UK is promising to raise awareness and funds for UK charities, and we’ll bring you more details about this station in an upcoming podcast.

Online, a number of dedicated UK stations are streaming, including Santa Radio created by Voice-Over Guy Harris, and NP100 – North Pole by radio producer Sophie Greenwood.

Head Elf at Santa Radio told us: “Santa Radio is back bigger and better this year. With over 150,000 App downloads and now on EVERY platform including the new 4K Apple TV. Hosted by Santa with listeners on air, celebrity messages and more great Christmas Music.”

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  1. Daniel says

    You forgot to mention ICR XMAS in Ipswich!

  2. Joe Smith says

    Rather than the likes of Heart and Magic continually launching goodness knows how many indifferent radio stations why don’t they just concentrate on producing one decent station each?

    1. AlMorr says

      Agree on that one Joe, where I am in Central Scotland I’ll be able to listen to Magic, Heart and the Scottish Sun Christmas’ES’ on my DAB radio, my ears will be ‘steaming’ with Xmas joy!!
      Perhaps Smooth Christmas might return as well, ouch.

  3. Dave Wiggy Wiggins says

    I Do Feel It Is Bad Global Heart Extra To Be Made In To Heart Xmas Because The Public What Can Not Get The Normal Heart Stations Listen To Heart Extra On DAB Digital Radio And Now It Mean You Can Not Hear James Stewart Show On Heart Xmas And You Can Not Hear Simon Beale And Jenni Falconer Show Why Can’t Global Do Heart Xmas On Heart 80s Or Broadcast Heart Evening Shows And Heart Over Night Shows On Heart 80s In stead Of Just Broadcasting Non Stop 80s Get The Real Heart Shows Back On Say To DAB Digital Radio Now

  4. Kristian Burrows says

    Could you let me know of any Christmas radio stations that are launching (and returning) in 2018.

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