Louise Redknapp lined up for two Heart shows

Louise Redknapp is joining Heart to host two weekend radio programmes across the network.

The singer and former Eternal band member will be on-air this Sunday from 7pm till 10pm and on Sunday 15th April.

Louise tweeted the news with a photo of herself in a Heart-branded studio saying: “So excited to be guest presenting on @thisisheart this weekend! I’ll be playing all my favourite feel good tunes for the next two Sundays, 7-10pm, so make sure you tune in! There’ll be a few 90s tunes in there too…”

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  1. Owen says

    Trout pout not a good look for a 40-something woman (or any age!)

    1. Mr Boltar says

      Going by her recent behaviour I’d say its a 40 something women who’s firmly pushed the panic button and is trying to reclaim her youth and her 15 minutes of fame. Some people simply can’t grow old gracefully band have to make fools of themselves first.

    2. Joe Smith says

      40-something pretending to be 18.


  2. Peter says

    she will paly wheat is on the playlist so stop pretending otherwise all shows are scripted

    1. Tony Simon says

      Since when have they had wheat on the playlist?

  3. Martin says

    I like the way she says “I’ll be playing all my favourite feel good tunes”. No you won’t Louise you’ll be playing the same garbage they always play

    1. Jeff says

      “I’ll be playing all my favourite feel good tunes” seems to be on hymn sheet for every Heart presenter to say.

    2. Radio Geordie says

      Exactly. A robot would’ve been a better choice of presenter, it only requires one idiot to tell it what to say.

      As to why she’s doing it, I’m guessing the divorce money’s ran out.

      1. Ian says

        Not the reason. Emma Bunting was lined up for these shows so Louise definitely wasn’t their first choice. She just happened to be available because she doesn’t have any other work. Don’t her PR team realise how much damage they’ve done to Louise by spinning all the stories about her.

  4. Allan says

    Good luck, Louise.

  5. Lee Jackson says

    Louise won’t be playing her favourite tunes as it’s all play listed and tightly scripted. Who is she kidding! This is a Global radio station. That’s what they do. Boring…..

  6. Jean fortune says

    Good luck louise even though i don’t listen to Heart,far to many repeats within an hour or so.

    1. Jean fortune says

      Just realised my spelling mistakes,sorry.

  7. Jon says

    Time to give her a break – all the best!!

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