Absolute Radio 70s removed from DAB and TV

Absolute Radio 70s is coming off DAB in London and being removed from its slot on Sky TV too.

Bauer is advising listeners to tune in online instead, saying there is only limited amount of space available on DAB and they are making way for “some new stations”.

Kerrang! Radio has also been removed from London DAB – its last remaining terrestrial broadcast channel.

Absolute Radio 70s is the least popular of all the decades stations still in RAJAR, with 251,000 weekly listeners. Absolute Radio 60s and 00s are also only available online (apart from inclusion on the Inverness local DAB mux), whilst 80s is on D2, 90s is on D1 and Classic Rock is on a London DAB mux.

The station says: “As of 23rd May, we will be [no] longer be available on digital radio or digital TV. Don’t panic though, we’re not disappearing completely and you’ll still be able to listen to us in all of the following ways:

  • Online at absoluteradio.co.uk
  • Our free mobile apps, available to download on iOS and Android phones and tablets
  • Smart speakers/voice activated devices (E.g Amazon Echo. Say “Alexa, play Absolute Radio 70s”)
  • WiFi enabled internet radios
  • Smart TV and Apple TV apps

“If you already listen to us in one of those ways, great – nothing is changing for you! We’re having to make this change because there’s only a limited amount of space available on digital radios and there are some new stations coming. We’re making way for some new people, but we’re still here bringing you loads of pop, rock, soul and disco in all of the ways listed above.

“If you’re a fan of Sarah Champion and Chris Martin (who isn’t, they’re brilliant) you’ll still be able to hear them elsewhere in the Absolute Radio family. Sarah will be on Absolute Radio 90s on weekday evenings from 7pm and on Absolute Radio on weekend mornings from 11am. If you’re a night owl, then Chris will be on before the new Dave Berry Breakfast show on Absolute Radio. He’ll also be hosting a new drivetime show on Absolute Classic Rock on weekday afternoons from 4pm.”

RadioToday will bring you news of the new stations planned for the space as soon as we get it.

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  1. Phillip W says

    Replaced by Hits Radio…. wait for it….. in 128kbps STEREO!!! Wonders will never cease..! Well done! but then Bauer have to compete with Capital in London… also in 128kbps Stereo! Now they need to up the bit rates of their core national brands, Kiss, Magic and Absolute….still at 112kbps..(London version). and yes, you can hear the difference especially in the car… DAB’s biggest growth area at the mo.

  2. Gareth Davies says

    When can people in south Wales hear planet rock in stereo in the car yes I can stream it off my phone and use my data and listen in stereo but that defeats the object of me having a dab radio in the car

  3. Mark Phillips says

    First they remove Absolute radio 60s, now the 70s station.

    Surely I can’t be the only person who enjoys listening to these in preference over the other ones?

    We can’t listen online on the dab radio in the kitchen, so thanks for nothing Absolute.

  4. Martin 1876 says

    Absolute 70s has never been available in Teesside on DAB and possibly in many other areas its never been on DAB either. So this will go a fair way to account for why Absolute 70s is the least popular of the Decade stations.

    Also can I ask Is Hits Radio going to be in Stereo all over the country? In Teesside we still have Absolute 90s on the Teesside Mux as well as it being on Digital One. So with Absolute 90s Teesside disappear along with The Hits, both of which are currently in mono to be replaces by Hits Radio at 128kbps?

  5. Debbie says

    Really gutted – this has been my favourite radio station to listen to in the car since its launch. No other way to listen to it while driving. Very sad news.

  6. Willie Bone says

    Mark, If you buy a chromecast blue tooth plug-in adaptor for your kitchen radio, you should get all the Absolute channels by streaming it from the UK Radio Player! The device is available in Currys for around fifty quid, more than half the price of a decent sounding internet radio receiver with embedded DAB+…

  7. Andyk says

    The best radio station there is, and they take it off DAB, { BRILLIANT. } NOT. ???

  8. Stuart says

    When Absolute 90’s started broadcasting on Digital 1 after already being on some local DAB multiplexes such as Liverpool, I thought there were plans to switch off Absolute 90’s on the local multiplexes and replace the spare bandwidth with another station.
    The fact that Absolute 60’s was on some local DAB multiplexes at one time then later replacing them with Absolute 90’s, now that Absolute 90’s is on a national multiplex as well as some local ones, Absolute Radio should replace Absolute 90’s on the local multiplexes and put back Absolute 60’s on them or 70’s on them or 60’s on some and 70’s on others.

    I see no point in Absolute Radio’s owners Bauer paying several times to have Absolute 90’s being available on DAB both on Digital 1 and on local multiplexes such as Lancashire, Liverpool and Manchester when they could instead pay to have Absolute 60’s or 70’s available on DAB in certain areas.

  9. Robert Jones says

    Good way to look out for your listeners there, take away a hugely popular station in favour of “hits”. Absolute morons more like. I think Absolute are slowly starting to push out the incredible hits that the late 20th century had to offer. Clearly upset a lot of listeners with this decision.

  10. Declan says

    Strange but i can still recive absolute 70s in edinburgh but the signal comes from angus thought absoulte 70s was meant to be off air completely?

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