Elise Evans takes over Heart WM Drivetime

Elise Evans has taken over the Heart West Midlands Drivetime show from Steve Denyer, who has left the station after 13 years.

Elise previously presented weekends on the station, having joined Global in 2015 to work on-air at Heart and Capital and in the street team. She tweeted how happy she was about the promotion: “Feeling super lucky and grateful right now. To all the Radio hustlers & dreamers, keep smashing it! Hard work pays off.”

On Steve leaving the station, a Global spokesperson told RadioToday: “Steve has made a huge contribution to the station and we wish him all the best for the next chapter.”

Steve said: “After an incredible 13 YEARS (!!!) on Heart in the Midlands I’m doing my final shows this weekend! To say it’s been an incredible journey would be a complete understatement. Thanks to everyone who has the made it just the best experience.”

He said he plans to work on Heart 80s then take a holiday.

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  1. Graham Parsons says

    Ah the industry of hyperbole.Where’s the corroboration she got the role through hard work and who are these “hustlers and dreamers” who are meant to be “smashing it”?! It’s such a ceaseless flow of utter guff. The reality will be as simple as this and no more scientific. Mr Denyer’s face ceased to fit and the suits thought it about time a female had the role. Big deal. The world of radio is not some meritocracy. It’s – are you in or out of favour.Simple as.

    1. Neal says

      Totally agree Graham. Every time somebody leaves a Global station on this site up comes the same pitiful shallow thank you

      “On X or Y leaving the station, a Global spokesperson told RadioToday: “ X has made a huge contribution to the station and we wish him/her all the best for their next chapter.”

      Insincere rubbish. Just a power crazed idiot in a suit employed by an even bigger power crazy idiot in a more expensive suit being told what to do. As soon as it is possible I’m Global will employ synths from the Humans TV series to present their radio shows. All in the name of the soul less style of radio presentation they want and think of the cost savings of not rotating humans as the synths come with built in mutiple different voices! Feel so sorry for these DJ s who are just treated like cattle fodder.

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