Ofcom calls LBC meeting after Farage complaint

Ofcom has requested a meeting with LBC managers to discuss its compliance processes after it rejected a complaint about Nigel Farage.

The presenter, who is on-air Monday to Thursday 7pm till 8pm, attracted a complaint from a listener after giving out five statistics regarding Brexit during his show on 3rd October 2017.

Farage introduced the short feature as “up-to-date, Brexit business briefings” and “up-to-date economic news, but the information given was not offered with the relevant publication dates.

In one of the statements, he incorrectly stated that the UK had been ranked as the eighth most competitive economy in the world in 2017 and that this was its highest ranking for the last 10 years.

LBC considered that the info was not materially misleading, but did flag the complaint to the presenter and will in future highlight that it may be helpful for listeners, who are not familiar with economic statistics, to be made aware of the dates associated with publications in such instances.

In Ofcom’s view, Mr Farage misrepresented two sets of statistics but did not consider these misrepresentations to be so significant as to be materially misleading.

The regulator said: “Our Decision was that the programme was not in breach of Rule 2.2 of the [Broadcasting] Code. This case follows several other examples of Ofcom giving guidance to the Licensee about how this presenter has presented factual matters in programming. We are therefore requesting LBC to attend a meeting to discuss its compliance processes in this area.”

For full details of the complaint, see page 55 of the latest Ofcom complaints bulletin.

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  1. Joe Smith says

    Probably more noteworthy when Mr Farage tells the truth.

  2. Mike Rose says

    The complaint was probably from a fellow broadcaster or someone that LBC had sacked anyway.

  3. MARK VINCENT says

    This isn’t the first time LBC has broadcasted misleading info, I don’t know what all the fuss is about.

  4. Denise Fleig says

    Just another tactic by the left wing using their favourite weapon of whinging. Hopefully this will be balanced by ifentification of some of the porkies, warping, distortion and outright failure to report positive Brexit issues that the BBC and other left wing media are guilty of. Let the supposed ‘watchdogs’ do some work for a change.

  5. John says


    So it’s a tactic from the left to highlight when people make incorrect and misleading statements?
    Damn right it is.
    I suppose you still believe that the NHS is getting 380 million a week because it said so on a bus, despite ‘the left’ showing it to be the nonsense it really is.

    You brexiters, getting more and more X-Files every day. Come back to the real world.

  6. graeme r jones says

    More than likely James (The Big J.O.B) O’Brien having one of his pedantic fits of enlightenment.

  7. Stuart says

    A listener?? So it was one then. While the facts I agree should be correct this sound like another anti brexit left wing moaner. What a waste of time these people are.

    1. Richard says

      i believe nigal more than l do about blair Campbell soros hes been telling the truth for over twenty five years. they criticise him because they don’t like the truth.

  8. Glenys Hutchinson says

    Well said – BBC would be stopped from broadcasting if they took into account all its anti Leave propaganda in the news, soaps, interviews etc – their anti Brexit views are like a cancer throughout their broadcasting.

  9. Richard says

    l do believe nigal he has been telling the truth for over twenty five years. but others criticised him because they don’t like the truth. fact .

  10. Martin says

    So Nigel Farage has given misleading information.
    Let’s be honest here it’s not the first time he’s done that is it?
    He should stick to the job he was elected to and leave radio presenting to professionals.

  11. Veronica says

    Seriously Brexiteers you have to get a grip! Always happy to call out remainers but it’s okay for a Farage to dish out untruths right left and centre ! You should be ashamed of yourselves! Farage is a disgrace to this country as he’s turned UK in to a laughing stock !

  12. Kelvin Fay says

    Farage lying is not news. Farage being honest……..now THAT IS news!

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