Sex and relationships show coming to Heart


Comedian Ellie Taylor and author Anna Whitehouse are to host a brand new Sunday night show on Heart.

They’ll be pausing the music and chatting about sex and relationships, and what’s been happening in their worlds that week.

Ellie is known for ‘The Mash Report’, and her ‘Message From Women Everywhere’ sketch went viral earlier this year with more than 60 million views. She is regular on panel shows like Mock The Week and QI, has appeared on Live at The Apollo and most recently starred in sitcom ‘Plebs’.

She guest hosted Heart London Breakfast alongside Jamie Theakston last summer while Emma Bunton was filming in the US.

Author, journalist and blogger Anna Whitehouse is the founder of Mother Pukka and the voice of ‘people who happen to be parents’. Last year she released the book ‘Parenting the Sh*t Out of Life’.

Ellie Taylor said: “I’m chuffed to be working with Heart on such an exciting show with my fearless and funny work wife, Anna. We can’t wait to get stuck in, plus it’s just nice to get out the house on a Sunday.”

Anna Whitehouse said: “Expect everything from awkward breakup stories and dodgy sex noises to controversial dishwasher stacking. With a dollop of grotty laughter and, hopefully, some listeners willing to share a tale or two in the mix.”

James Rea, Managing Editor of Heart, said: “Ellie and Anna will bring a fresh new energy to Sunday nights with what promises to be a straight-talking and entertaining appointment to listen. This is something brand new for Heart as we continue to evolve our weekend schedule. Ellie and Anna are fantastic and it’s great to have them join the team at what is a very exciting time for the nation’s favourite commercial radio brand.”

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  1. mark budgen says

    Global are obsessed with shows like this, there is even one on London’s Biggest Conservatives too.

  2. Martin says

    OW!! I just fell off my chair laughing hysterically at the comment “The Nations favourite commercial radio brand”.

    1. Mark Budgen says

      Ashley Tabor’s favourite brand, but then Radio Today won’t say anything against him.

      1. Martin says

        I’ve been into radio since I was very young, currently presenting on Hospital Radio for the past 20+ years & presented on an internet radio station for 2 years, it puzzles me how a moron like Ashley Tabor can run a radio station that plays the same thing constantly & won’t let anyone change the playlist. (Sorry for the long winded comment Mark, let’s see if Radio Today will publish this LOL)

        1. Joe Smith says

          Stop being so kind to Ashley Tabor!

  3. Lee says

    More rubbish variety on Heart. Can Global stoop any lower than this gutter radio?

    1. Jeff C says

      They will find something shortly no doubt.

  4. Lee says

    So Global are evolving the weekend schedule on Heart with more of the same music, same commercials, and now a gutter show added to the robotic presentation. What needs to evolve and change is the senior team at Global to offer a change of direction.

    1. Martin says

      I agree with you, thankfully the only time I happen to hear this cack is if I get a lift with my mate or when I’m in some shops.

  5. MARTIN C says

    Bet they call it Heart2Heart or something corny like that.

  6. james says

    Pathetic. “I think my partner has an STD”
    Presenter: “Hang on in there, here’s Cee Lo Green with Forget You

  7. David Alexander says

    Bring back commercial radio to how it was in the 70’s and 80’s when DJ’s were local and cared about their ‘local’ audience. Capital Radio used to be ‘Great’ with Mick Brown, ‘Big’ John Sachs, Graham Dean etc.

  8. Lee says

    That won’t happen unfortunately. Global are only interested in providing centralised cheap and robotic radio. UK commercial radio is crying out for change otherwise it will lose out to internet radio. If I wanted frequently repeated songs I would put on my iPod or phone without commercials not listen to Global stations.

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