Bauer Media Group agrees to acquire Jazz FM

Jazz FM has been sold to Bauer Media for an undisclosed sum.

The independent station, which has 672,000 weekly listeners, will be managed by Bauer’s Steve Parkinson, Group Managing Director of National Radio.

Paul Keenan, CEO Bauer Media commented: “Jazz FM is a much loved, respected and influential brand, with strong growth potential, we look forward to developing it further. Jazz music is seeing an unprecedented resurgence, and this extends us into an entirely new and complementary radio audience.”.

He continued, “Jazz’s community of digitally savvy music lovers is thriving and I believe that Jazz FM’s expertise combined with our knowledge and experience in digital and personalised advertising technology such as Bauer’s InStream+ will propel the brand for both listeners and advertisers. We look forward to working with the team to grow the business.”

Jonathan Arendt, Jazz FM CEO said, “Jazz FM is a well-established and trusted brand, curated by passionate and expert presenters and producers – and I’m delighted that it will sit within the Bauer Radio family, where they are respectful and mindful of individual formats and listener groups“.

Jazz FM is based in London and broadcasts nationally on the Sound Digital multiplex, owned by Bauer, Wireless and Arqiva.

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  1. Dan Dean says

    It will be interesting to see how they develop this brand!….and how they define Jazz. I imagine that they will see it as another Classic route to take, in that they will take it away from the purist which I am sure will anger the improvisation brigade and make it a more listenable station for the passing interest Jazz fan, and incorporate songs / tunes that will cross over, which is what Classic do successfully with their brand.

  2. Mr Boltar says

    Tbh it moved away from pure jazz during the day a long time ago. I guess the market never has been there for a 100% pure jazz station which is why the original Jazz FM became Smooth FM in the first place. I wonder if they’ll try and get an FM slot or they’ll just stick with digital…

    1. Martin Kong says

      They’ll just keep it on DAB.

    2. dan Dean says

      Yes I know they did Mr B….but it is still elitist as a “brand” so will need to work on that…and I agree Martin.

      1. Mr Boltar says

        I’m not sure what you think is elitist about it. Unless you consider Jazz music to be a type of music only the elite like, in which case you’re 100% wrong.

  3. lenroy brown says

    They’re more likely to dumb the stations musical output to the same old repetitive dross from a select group of artists and songs. Like what they’ve done with kiss story. At least during the daytime.
    Apparently my work colleagues haven’t noticed the same repetitive songs on kiss story. Maybe baur have a winning formula?

  4. Ray Woodward says

    “Jazz FM has been sold to Bauer Media for an undisclosed sum.” Which translates as ‘covered their debts’,

    Still, gives then cheap access to a DAB+ stream covering a good 60% of the country …

    1. mb23 says

      They are already shareholders in that multiplex so they are paying themselves for the DAB+ carriage. The coverage is actually 77% (to be expanded to 82% later this year).

  5. AlanH says

    And rename it as ‘Magic Jazz’???

  6. Chris cowley says

    What about them bringing back Steve Quirk, and is fusion flavours show. 😁

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