Ian Collins leaves LBC after five years on-air

Late night presenter Ian Collins has left LBC to take some time off, just days before Eddie Mair is due to join the station.

In a video posted on social, Ian confirms the reason for his sudden departure.

“By the time you see this I will have left LBC after five years, I’ve done my very last late show.

“There’s no conspiracy, I’ve not died or been fired, this is just about having a large chunk of time off, I’ve worked these hours for about 15 years now so just need a big long kip.”

His departure comes just days before Eddie Mair takes over a new weekday show on the station. An announcement about which show Eddie will be hosting is overdue, but a start date of September 3rd has been added to Eddie’s Twitter profile.

An LBC spokesperson told RadioToday: “Ian Collins has decided to step down from LBC. He is a terrific broadcaster who has made a huge contribution to LBC during his time with us. He leaves with our very best wishes.”

Ian also thanked the incredible teams he’s worked for and with during his time at LBC, and for the listeners for getting in touch with the show.

Ian joined LBC for weekends but was moved to the weeknight show to replace Duncan Barkes in 2015. Before LBC, he was at talkSPORT/talkRADIO for 16 years (Ian Collins and the Creatures of the Night etc) and started his phone-in career at Invicta FM.

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  1. Hilary Bloxham says

    He will be hugely missed.
    As LBC takes an unwelcome left turn at every opportunity it’s not the diverse radio station it used to be.
    Hope Ian will return someday.

    1. Trav says

      LBC taking a left turn? The station with Farrari, Dale, Tory Boy Pierce, Steve Allen, Andrew Castle and bloody Farage Left? seriously? Christ!

      1. fran says

        They have certainly become more eco obsessed and mouthing anti-plastic sentiments on every show. Mirroring everything Sky has to say on the matter. Ferrari used to stand up against eco mania, but now nothing. Even Pierce who was against weaker vacuum cleaners, hair dryers and ranting against the nanny state has gone quiet, since he joined the Daily Mail

  2. Joe Smith says


  3. Allan Wallace says

    Clearly the start of moving people around to accommodate the vastly overrated Eddie Mair.

  4. Mr Boltar says

    Clive Bull left for a while – with the usual rumour mill in full effect – for a break then came back, perhaps Ian will do the same. Or perhaps he’s fed up with the sensationalist politics direction the station is taking and feels constrained by it, who knows. IMO he was wasted on LBC with far too much of a straightjacket format.

  5. Jenn says

    Enjoy your “good long kip” Ian, you’ve surely more than earned it. I will miss your quirky “company” ..

  6. Val says

    real shame love his radio voice, good luck and come back soon

  7. Clemmie says

    I’m devastated Ian! I have listened to all kinds of radio for years and in my opinion you are one of the few REALLY talented broadcasters in the country. I hope you enjoy a lovely rest and then maybe at some point feel the need to broadcast again. Keep us posted!

  8. Willy says

    Ian Collins will be sadly missed, I find I am listening less and less of the Leftie Broadcasting Company.

    1. Tamara says

      Same. They have gone so far left now that the next stop can only be in Caracas!

    2. Trav says

      LBC lefty? blimey you must lean just to the right of Hitler lol

  9. ed harrison says

    shame just got into him as he was a breath of level headed fresh air compared to you know who

  10. Chris Moore says

    Shame he’s going, he’s a terrific broadcaster. Hopefully the lay-off will mean a return to the excellent podcast that has been absent for quite a while.

  11. JOHN says


  12. Paul says

    You will be much missed iain always an interesting listen hope you will be back on the radio soon best wishes paul

  13. Rachel says

    Man Alive….you will be missed. All the best ian.

  14. Tim says

    That is very sad. I used to listen to Ian’s show every night. His replacement is Swarbrick who is completely different- loud, fast talking who does not stop. Really bad replacement. I always turn Swarbrick off. So they have lost me as a punter. I will listen to another channel. Good luck Ian

    1. ed says

      agree about Sawbrick he will ease off a bit as he gets into his stride hopefully

  15. Pete says

    Was hoping for more Nick Abbot. Oh well, Fridays and Saturdays shall continue + the holiday periods!

  16. Jane Sexton says

    Such a shame about Ian Collins’ departure. He combines real humour with a fearless line in riposte when a caller steps over his red lines. I have often laughed out loud at Ian’s down to earth take on daily news and his own robust opinions which are never like Mr O’Brian’s – cutting/sarcastic/bullying but grovelling & obsequious when speaking to Mr Mayor ! He will be missed and figures may show this in near future.

  17. Jay says

    Devastating news Ian,

    Never was there a slot that made me vehemently hate commercial breaks.

    Best wishes and a big thank you for great evenings


  18. Patrick Effiom says

    Sad that Julia Hartley-Brewer left and now Ian Collins.
    I’ve never even heard of this Eddie Mair-he’d better be good!

  19. susanne says

    sorry that you’ve gone Ian, you were my favourite.. I liked your style and gentleness and intelligence and ability to sort out so many perspectives on a particular subject and i loved your objectivity… no one else on LBC has your maturity and friendliness and wisdom as i can tell…… but enjoy your family.. you did us well….I will have to listen to bbc london i guess….. bye

  20. Paul says

    Oh look a shouty person just got cracked out of a new box.
    Caps = Brexit nutjob.

  21. Brenda says

    I will really miss you Ian,have a good rest enjoy your family.Take care.

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