Heart Extra in trouble for playing explicit song 7 times

Global has been found in breach of two Broadcasting Code rules for playing a song containing two offensive words a total of seven times in one week on Heart Extra.

The song in question – All the Stars by Kendrick Lamar – was only taken off rotation when the station was alerted to the broadcast of offensive language by a listener. The track included one instance of the word “[email protected]@k” and one instance of the word “[email protected]@er”.

The group admitted it had been broadcast seven times from June 14th to 22nd 2018 following Ofcom’s enquiry into the complaint.

Two of the plays were during the weekend, when children were particularly likely to be listening. The rest were during the daytime, and all plays were during automated, presenter-free hours.

Global said that the latest RAJAR figures for Heart Extra show that there are typically no children listening to the station between 09:00 and 13:30. The Licensee did, however, accept that the content of the lyrics exceeded the expectations of the audience of the station.

The Licensee explained that it had investigated the issue and discovered that the track had been mistakenly attributed to a file for a different track. It said because the track was labelled incorrectly, staff had been unable to identify that it contained explicit language and this resulted in it being inadvertently played on Heart Extra on seven occasions during its daytime music-only programming.

It also outlined the actions that it said it had subsequently taken to prevent a recurrence of this issue including more spot checks of the output by the producer responsible for the station.

The end result is that Global has been found in breach of Rule 2.3 (generally accepted standards) and Rule 1.14 (to ensure people under eighteen are protected).

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  1. Lee says

    What is the sanction? Probably nothing after all its Global.

  2. jeff c says

    Played once you could forgive, but 7? I’m assuming this was in a week? If a small community station was found breaching these rules, their license would have probably been revoked. The big boys are exempt. They’ll just have a waving index finger and a “you’re a naughty boy” warning.

  3. Adrian says

    I always find the excuses fascinating and also in this case the fact that apparently no children listen to the station on a weekend morning-surely listening figures would not include children who say were listening in a car with their parents and anyway how many children take part in RAJAR?.Also does nobody listen to the output or check the songs before broadcast?.

  4. John says

    Its mild compared to the language nearly every child in the country hears in – the playground/nursery, in the street, on TV, in the 18 rated video games their parents buy them, not to mention their parents more than likely say far far worse on a much more regular basis….
    We need to do what the ozzies and several other countries have done – accept people swear in songs and its not the end of the world.
    ONE listener complained, suggesting that no one else gave two hoots or even acknowledged that there was swearing.
    Seems the spirit of Mary Whitehouse is alive and well in the UK media regulator…surprised they aren’t policing “blasphemeous” lyrics and “music being played on the Lords day”

    1. Radio Geordie says

      Or, it was the station’s only listener.

    2. Mr Boltar says

      Just because some people are chavs and can only communicate by swearing every 4th word doesn’t mean the rest of us want to hear it on the radio. Why should standards drop just to fit the lowest common denominator? Perhaps you think it should be anything goes on the radio, in which case I’m sure there are plenty of halfwit pirate stations on FM to suit.

  5. Adrian says

    There’s absolutely no doubt about some ridiculous banning over the years with certain songs on the basis of supposed meanings but you must have some limits otherwise you could have stations broadcasting obscenities and incitement’s around the clock.

  6. Daniel Harborne says

    What’s wrong with people heart made a mistake out of all the stations that are own by global heart fm is one of the best stations own by global all radio stations make mistakes its some listener who has nothing better to do then phone a radio station up to make a complant of on silly error

    1. Yes mam says

      R u on drugs?

      Heart is one globals best stations??

      You haven’t a clue!!!

  7. Joe Smith says

    Garbage song, garbage radio station.

  8. Steve Woods says

    OK. I will not use ridiculous analogies or jokes. Yes, children hear swearing almost all the time and I think the rules are too strict. Fuck and motherfucker is probably what you’ve all heard of. If the song had much worst (a lyric with bellend chopper perhaps?), then give a warning but why is fuck considered strong language instead of medium at least?

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