Original 106 expands with new transmitter

A new transmitter for Original 106 has been activated at the Balgownie transmission site.

The station is now broadcasting on 106.3 FM covering north Aberdeen, giving an estimated 40,000 listeners a clearer signal.

Martin Ingram, the station’s programme controller told RadioToday: “These are very exciting times for Original 106, we recently improved the music output of the station and now we’re able to deliver this new sound to parts of northern Aberdeen who have had to contend with patchy FM reception.

“As part of our improvements, listeners in the south of Aberdeen (Kincorth, Torry, Tullos, Altens and Cove) may need to retune their radios to 106.8 FM, and listeners in northern parts of Aberdeen (Old Aberdeen, Danestone, Tillydrone, Woodside, Grandholm and Bankhead) are now able to hear us on 106.3FM.”

In addition, the station’s original transmitter on 106.3 FM at Redmoss has been turned off.

Original 106 has been broadcasting to Aberdeen and north-east Scotland since October 2007, and all programmes are produced and broadcast in its local transmission area. The station plans to move to a brand-new studio complex in Aberdeen in 2019.

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  1. Pat says

    Suppose improving the music output means adding people like Rick Astley,Sugababes,Scissor Sisters and other pop stuff that makes it like so many other stations.

  2. Ray Woodward says

    Just what you expect to get from British comercial radio the same old junk from 87.5 to 107.9 ..:(

  3. jim mckay says

    Top and only Local Radio Station That does more for the North East than any other also professional Skilled presenters and Team that get us through the working day not all about the music it’s how it’s put across makes it my first choice

    1. Pat says

      My comment wasn’t about the presentation.I just found that comment about ‘improving the music’ a little jarring since I used to enjoy their output which seemed to be aimed at more discerning listeners.Improving would seem to my ears be as far as advertisers are concerned in that they are now playing more music that the advertisers think the listeners they want to target enjoy which as usual is more mainstream pop.I don’t blame Original it goes back to the regulators who are now quite happy for everyone to play the same stuff rather than enforce the points of difference which were important when the licences were advertise in the first place.

  4. Adrian says

    Yes, they have ruined the playlist in my opinion but then so has Radio 2.At least it is currently local and gives you three alternative online music streams.If other groups broadcasting nearby get their hands on it you’ll probably see the local and live content disappear rapidly!.

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