Gold to change to DAB+ on London 1 multiplex

Gold is moving from 128 kbit/s stereo to DAB+ in London from January.

The Global station transmits via the London 1 DAB digital radio multiplex and is advising listeners to obtain a new radio set if their current one does not feature DAB+.

Gold will be the first radio station to use the DAB+ format on the London 1 mux, which is also now home to Bauer’s newest station, Greatest Hits Radio at 112kbit/s in stereo.

A message on Gold’s website says: “From January 2 2019, Gold will only be available on DAB+ across London, if you recently bought a DAB radio with the DAB+ feature this should not affect you being able to listen to The Greatest Hits of All Time, but if your DAB radio is an older version (without DAB+) you may not be able to hear Gold anymore and you will have to obtain a radio with this feature.

“If you are unsure, look out for the digital tick.”

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  1. monitorman232 says

    Merry Christmas to you too Global.

  2. neil says

    I listen to All Oldies Radio hit45s online now at 320mp3 with great audio processing through a more advanced system than DAB. If I still lived in London my technics dan tuner would no longer pick up gold but living in sussex I still have their 128k mp2 dab slot but my tuner obsolete now as progressed away from DAB which is all about more stations reduced to audio that kills the music enjoyment.

  3. Allan Hannam says

    So this is a case of forcing people to buy new radios when they already have DAB. I will think twice about this as we do listen to Gold but there will be a lot of people who will desert your station. THINK AGAIN GOLD FOR YOUR LISTENERS BECAUSE MANY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO AFFORD TO BUY NEW RADIO OR ADAPTORS.

  4. Jacqueline Clark says

    Unfortunately, can’t afford to change all my radios as I’m a pensioner, so won’t be able to listen to Gold any more. What a shame, my favourite radio station.

  5. J. Kiff says

    I have written to Gold pointing out that, like myself, a large part of their demographic will be people who grew from secondary school to early maturity in the 1960’s with the music they play being a significant part of their lives; most will now be OAPs, and the expense of a new radio straight after Christmas is not a happy thought. I had my speaker wires in the kitchen extended to the cupboard top. The radio works fine and I have no wish to disturb this arrangement. I will change the station, I listen to regularly, shame but I can see no no alternative.

  6. Michael V says

    It’s good to see a big company leading the way in migration to DAB+. With more services launching, more need to convert. The industry should be educating the listeners more. We are behind many other countries so let’s push forward. Most of the Small Scale Multiplexes only carry DAB+ anyway. Time more followed the smaller stations.

    1. Mr Boltar says

      “It’s good to see a big company leading the way in migration to DAB+. With more services launching, more need to convert”

      No, there is no “need” to convert any more. If stations want to alienate their listeners then listeners will just clear off elsewhere or online.

      “The industry should be educating the listeners more”

      Typical patronising BS. Listeners don’t need to be “educated” as most of us are perfectly well aware that DAB+ is simply a way of forcing more radio sales and allowing stations to pay less for even narrower bandwidth. It has NOTHING to do with making life better for listeners.

      “We are behind many other countries”

      The UK was a pioneer with DAB and the BBC and others keep extolling its virtues meaning that there are now millions of DAB radios that cannot decode DAB+. Do explain why you think its a good idea that these radios should end up in a cupboard or worse in landfill just so stations can save a few quid in multiplex fees.

      And if you think people are going to fall for all that BS again and shell out yet again for yet more hardware then dream on. I have a tuner I have no intention of upgrading and if all DAB stations go DAB+ then I’ll simply switch back to FM and use online.

      1. Michael V says

        @Mr Bolter. More conversation will come. I get that it’s costly to us listeners as Britain is a mature DAB market. But technology moves on. DAB+ enables more to broadcast in stereo & that is what most of us are asking for. If one refuses to move on then that’s your choice. Actually there’s a lot of people who don’t know what DAB+ is. All DAB radios sold now support ‘+’ format so when migration to + becomes widespread in a few years a lot more people won’t lose out. I gave my thoughts, no need to come across abrupt.

        1. Mr Boltar says

          Enables more to broadcast in stereo? Wtf are you wibbling about? They could all broadcast in stereo using DAB but they dont want to pay for the bandwidth! And yes technology moves on but a radio isnt a lifestyle device like a phone – people expect them to last for decades or longer and dont expect to have to PAY to upgrade just because some out of touch techno evangelists and bean counters say so.

          In a shrinking market radio stations need all the listeners they can get and using a format that the majority of radios cant decode is a fast way to lose advertisers and go bust IMO.

          1. Michael V says

            @Bolter. Actually Multiplexes only have a certain amount of capacity. There’s no unlimited space. You’re the one wibbling about it.

            I’ll be happy to see the day AM is gone, FM is epmty for smaller services that want it & all digital radio is DAB+, then People like U will then realise how wrong U are.

        2. Mr Boltar says

          There is plenty of space in the multiplexes and there is plenty of DAB band 3 currently unused.

          Re AM – I listen to RTL and France Info on AM from here in the UK , good luck doing that on FM or DAB. Just because you don’t use it doesn’t mean no one does.

          And no, I’m not wrong as by the time all broadcast radio is DAB+ most people will be listening using other methods and DAB will still be the white elephant it ever was.

  7. Trevor says

    Can I still listed to Gold in the East Midlands on am or DAB or is this being transferred to plus same as London area ?

    1. Michael V says

      It’s only Gold on London 1 multiplex being converted. Everything else stays as is.

  8. Gregory212 says

    I used to have a dab digital radio adapter for my iPod touch and it was lingo dab go it had dab/dab+ and I loved it but the only three problems I have had with it was it was made for the old version of iPod touch or iPhone that had an old connecter and second it is out of business the company cos I can’t find the app and the device and third mine broke

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