Beverley Turner leaves LBC highlighting gender imbalance

LBC weekend presenter Beverley Turner has left the station after four years, highlighting there is now only one woman left on the schedule.

Beverley tweeted a thread of six messages on Saturday, saying how she would normally be preparing for her show but is instead going to hang out with the family.

The journalist was full of praise for the station, saying it remains the best place for news & current affairs. She said: “I am so grateful for having honed the skill of banging on with nothing but a big story and the most diverse callers imaginable. There is no bigger broadcasting challenge. Once you can do LBC, you can do anything.”

But then turns to address the sex and skin colour of the remaining presenters: “There remains ONE female presenter and 19 men, (only one of which is not white). This is a shame in 2019,” Beverley said.

With Beverley gone, Shelagh Fogarty remains the only woman on the schedule, each weekday afternoon from 1pm till 4pm. The rest of the daytime line-up consists of Steve Allen, Nick Ferrari, James O’Brien, Eddie Mair, Nigel Farage, Iain Dale, Tom Swarbrick and Darren Adam.

Responding to the tweet when asked by RadioToday, an LBC Spokesperson said: “Beverley’s contract had naturally expired and was not renewed. This had nothing to do with gender ratio, decisions are made on editorial grounds.”

Beverley joined LBC in 2015 after working at BBC Radio 5 Live and a number of on-screen presenting roles for ITV and Sky.

One listener replied with; “The array of talent on LBC is amazing. It’s 2019… who even clocks the sex of the presenter anymore,” with many more saying how much they will miss listening to Beverley.

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  1. Jeff Featherstone says

    4% of the UK population is Asian and 3% are black. If one wsnts to use a quota aporosch (which I don’t), LBC in having 1 out of 20 preseners (5%) from a Black or Asian background is not far off a proportionate level of representation.

    If one wants to go down that route, the UK and not London is the reference point.

  2. Ron Dobbyn says

    Send for BBC Radio London,s powerhouse Joanne Good.

  3. Andy says

    G’ies a job, aah kin dae that.

  4. Mark budgen says

    London’s Biggest Conservatives.

    1. mb23 says

      It’s been a national station for the last five years.

      1. Mark budgen says

        A psuedo National station.

    2. Sean Doherty says

      I don’t think you can call James O’Brien and some other presenters such as Shelagh as Conservative

  5. One says

    it’s about who pulls in the numbers, Beverley does not have as many listeners as Nick Ferrari. Simple.



  7. Spencer Payne says

    A nice pretty face, but my god her show was as full as ditchwater

    Getting rid of the Lucy Beresford relationship show was a bigger boo boo

  8. Len Groat says

    Don’t worry abut gender-balance…

    …. BBC News more than make up for it… with a glut of female newsreaders, one of whom is incapable of correct emphasis, and pronounces many words wrongly…. but she’s still there of course….

  9. PC in Spain says

    Oh please, not Joanne Good, one awful presenter there.

  10. ciaran flavin says

    Hope she will return at some stage.

  11. Radio Geordie says

    Nothing like stating the bleeding obvious.

    Radio stations are always going to put on people who are going to attract an audience. Race and gender have nothing to do with audience figures. If you attract a big enough audience, the station will keep you, if you don’t, they’ll get someone else. Its as simple as that.

    Its like saying there’s no white presenters on an Asian radio service, how disgusting. Yeah, its aimed at the Indian/Pakistani communities so a white person isn’t likely to be able to speak Urdu, Punjabi or whatever other languages are spoken there. The audience is more likely to connect with a presenter from their ethnic background rather than a white person. They aren’t going to employ a white person just because the PC brigade demand the station has to have one, they’ll tell them where they can shove it.

    LBC might not have many presenters with a pair of tits, but sister stations, Heart & Capital more than make up for it as all they have to do is read a script when prompted. LBC can’t rely on scripts as they have to react to breaking news stories. Maybe that tells you a lot right there.

  12. Chris Moore says

    More sexist nonsense being written which is becoming quite the norm round these parts. What we need is more of those blokes because they are all tremendous broadcasters who can deal with any eventually with aplomb and gravitas (except for the ones we don’t like, which is a lot). As for those little ladies they can jolly well be happy with making smashing cups of tea and lovely cakes.

    1. Joe Smith says

      Still pompously telling everyone what they are doing wrong rather than offering an opinion on the subject then?

      No wonder no one has heard of you despite your supposed long career in radio.

  13. Debbie says

    Bev was happy to work for the station when she was one of two women working there but now she’s not had her contract renewed it is a different story. The writing was on the wall. She started on a Sunday morning show and then went to 1800hrs on a Saturday and then 2000hrs on Saturday. She rarely filled in for other presenters when they were on holiday either. She didn’t pull in the listeners – it is that simple.

  14. Cheraser says

    Sad to hear that Beverly Turner has left lbc.I loved her fiestiness and honesty.Will miss her. Bring her back!!!

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