Global’s Richard Park takes time off after operation

Global’s Director of Broadcasting Richard Park is said to be ‘doing very well’ following an emergency operation last weekend because of a small bleed around the brain.

In an email to staff at the commercial radio group, Founder and Executive President Ashley Tabor said that the medical procedure was ‘unexpected’ and that Richard had hardly any symptoms so luckily the problem was caught very early.

Ashley said: “I’m very pleased to report that the operation was successful, he’s doing very well and is on the mend for sure. However, he will obviously need time to fully recuperate and he is going to be off for a matter of weeks at least.”

Ashley and Group Chief Executive Stephen Miron will take on some of Richard’s responsibilities while he’s off work, as will Group Programming Operations Director Gareth Andrews.

“I am sure you’ll join me in wishing Richard a very speedy recovery, and in sending all our collective Global love and strength to Richard and the Park family,” said Ashley.

Richard, who turned 70 last year, joined Global in 2007 during its purchase of Chrysalis – and before that had a spell at Magic. He was in charge of programming at Capital from 1987 to 2001 after starting his career at Radio Clyde in the 70s.

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  1. Alan Hall says

    All the very best to Richard Park and do get well as soon
    as you can, thinking of you mate. Also remember you from Radio
    Scotland 242. I always enjoyed listening into his Dr.Dick’s Midnight Surgery
    on a Tuesday night on Radio Clyde 261.
    All the very best Richard.

  2. Allan Wallace says

    Best wishes to Richard Park for a very speedy recovery. Richard started his radio career on (pirate) Radio Scotland, followed by Radio One Club. I was in the audience when he presented the Radio One Club from Perth in 1970 and he was a fabulous disc jockey. He then went on to great things at Radio Clyde and in management. Get well soon, Richard.

  3. Archie T. says

    Get well soon Richard, fond memories of listening to him when I was a lad on Clyde.

    Also remember him getting a bit of a verbal dressing down on the football phone in re your allegiance from none other than the great Jock Stein.

    He became known as Ibrox Park from some quarters after that.

  4. Alan Hall says

    Yes, I remember seeing him live on stage at the Electric Gardens in Glasgow
    as part of the BBC radio 1 Club live broadcast. The Electric Gardens is now known as the Garage nightclub.
    These were the good old days.

  5. Willie Bone says

    Get well soon Richard Park, former presenter of Doctor Dick’s Midnight Surgery on late night Radio Clyde in the early 1970s!
    Arguably, Richard Park and wee Jimmy Gordon from the early days of Radio Clyde are the UK’s greatest radio gurus that the BBC never employed!

  6. John Leech says

    Wish you well Richard

  7. Alan Hall says

    Richard, when you have recovered and are better again, I want to invite you to come up to Glasgow so we can interview you on southern sound hospital radio and bring back the great memories when you were on Radio Scotland 242. I just wish that Radio Scotland 242 was still on air to this day too.

  8. Almorr says

    I agree, get well soon Richard, I remember listening to him on Radio Clyde 261 at lunch time and his Midnight Surgery when I was on night shift when I worked in the Castlemilk sorting office as a postman

  9. crystal says

    sending prayers for speedy recovery

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