Major national marketing plan starts for Scala Radio

Simon Mayo, Angellica Bell and Mark Kermode are the stars of a new national marketing plan for Scala Radio.

The creative will be focused upon ‘Classical Music for Modern Life’ targeting the station’s core audience of ‘cultural explorers’ passion for music.

The campaign has several creative executions inspired by the Scala filter of 70% familiar and 30% surprise.

The national campaign combines large format outdoor sites including the Westway Tower, Four Dials at Westfield Stratford, and The Waterloo Domination: multiple sites around Waterloo, the gateway to live classical music at Southbank, and the South Kensington Underground tunnel. In addition, the campaign includes an extensive national press and magazine campaign and highly targeted digital advertising including Facebook and video content.

Anne-Marie Lavan, Group Marketing Director, Bauer Media said: “Our insight has uncovered a modern and valuable audience of cultural explorers, and this campaign seeks to target them with contemporary creative which is both familiar and surprising. This campaign will capture our audience’s imagination and celebrate the place classical music has in modern life.”

The campaign began this week with creative by Think Farm and media planned by the7stars.

Stansted Airport

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  1. Pat says

    National campaign is all very well but there are a lot of places you can’t receive it.Also if I could pick it up i’m not sure that poster would tempt me but maybe i’m Not a ‘cultural explorer’!.

    1. mb23 says

      It’s available everywhere by listening on a device connected to the internet e.g. asking your smart speaker to play it.

      1. Joe Smith says

        That will work well in places without internet connectivity.

        1. Iona says

          Can you name a place in the UK without internet connectivity of some kind?

          1. Chris says

            That would be my car

          2. Joe Smith says

            11% of homes in the UK for a start according to the Office of National Statistics.

            (Not such a clever comment now was it?).

        2. AlexaPlayDespacito says

          They could make individual Scala stations for each city in the UK and you would still argue that it should be every street.

          Bauer should at the very least be dropping 4G dongles over Scottish Isles – got to keep Joe Smith happy!

          1. Joe Smith says

            You make me happy every time you post. I love laughing at your “intelligence”.

  2. Mark Woods says

    Doesn’t sound too National. Unless, by National, you mean it’s in London but that’s the centre of the universe innit?

    1. mb23 says

      The DAB coverage is 83% of the UK population.

  3. Ron Dobbyn says

    It certainly is effective to advertise radio stations. I remember years ago LBC put an advert on a billboard advertising” The Jane Moore/ John Nicholson Breakfast Show”. The billboard location was next to the sewage treatment works in Beddington Lane near Croydon.

  4. Ron Dobbyn says

    West Croydon bus station play Classical Music all day, maybe Scala could do some live broadcasts from there. .

  5. David Alexander says

    North of Aberdeen and the Scottish Highlands Sound Digital Transmitters e.g. Scala, Talk Radio etc are not available, so No One can listen to them. To call it a National station is a joke.

    1. mb23 says

      You can listen on your phone, tablet or smart speaker in high quality stereo. DAB is an interim technology and will be replaced by online listening eventually.

  6. Ron Dobbyn says

    My friend Angus who keeps cattle in the north of Scotland said he is waiting for Still Game Radio. Imagine Jack, and Victor( both have hospital radio expierence ) at breakfast. Winston, and Winnie , mid morning ,Tam , and Francis for lunch, Isa, and Jo Good in the afternoon , Bobby on Drive, with Stevie on sports, evening,s with Methadone Mick, and Overnights with Navid , and Mena. That would be a great listen. Ps When” Still Game “ends, how about turning radio 4,s ” Fags, Bags, and Mag,s into a TV series

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