Toby Anstis to step down from Heart Mid-Morning Show

Heart’s mid-morning presenter Toby Anstis is stepping down from a daily radio show on the network after 16 years.

He will be staying with Heart as host of Club Classics every Friday night from 7pm, replacing Annaliese Dayes (Friday and Saturday Club Classics host) who is leaving the brand.

News of his next project, also at Global, will be announced in the coming weeks.

Toby presented his first overnight shows on Heart in 2001 before moving to afternoons. He then shifted to the 9am-1pm slot in 2004. He’s the longest serving presenter on the brand, with 18 years clocked up. Ed James from Heart Breakfast in the West Midlands isn’t far behind – he started in January 2002.

Heart’s networked 10am-1pm show that Toby has been presenting is currently the biggest commercial radio show in the UK, with 3.8m weekly listeners (RAJAR Q4/18).

He tweeted “Very excited!!” after Global announced the news on social media.

Annaliese Dayes is also a model and voiceover, whilst also hosting a number of television programmes.

Toby’s final 10am-1pm show will be on Friday 5th April whilst Annaliese Dayes says goodbye on April 6th.

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  1. Will says

    Could we see Toby Anstis taking over Smooth Breakfast?

    1. Keith Burtons says

      Hopefully not.

    2. Shaun says

      Hope now Gary king is doing a great job on smooth breakfast

  2. Greg says

    Scott Mills to replace him?

  3. Mark Budgen says

    The next LBC political correspondent?

  4. Jeff C says

    Sian Welby will probably in there from the 8th.

  5. Riz says

    Hey there

    Very upsetting news I loved listen to Toby will miss him he had lovely voice won’t be same without him

    Best of luck for the future

  6. Riz says

    I would love the following

    Monday to Friday 10am to 1pm Matt Wilkinson take over from Toby

    1pm to 4pm Lilah Parsons or Victoria Derbyshire I love Victoria see her on TV And iPlayer Victoria Derbyshire on Heart weekdays 1pm to 4pm I love that

    I love Heart Radio always listen to it

    1. Will says

      New daytime lineup pre-dereg predictions:
      10am – 1pm Rich Clarke
      1pm – 4pm Sian Welby (then she can do the Win on Heart after)
      7pm – 10pm Lilah Parsons

  7. Jtready2005 says

    Not a fan but that might be more about the drivel he has to churn out. If he recorded one show a month and played it out everyday I’m not sure many people would notice.

    1. Joe Smith says

      Well I certainly wouldn’t.

      But then again I refuse to listen in the first place.

  8. George says

    I’ve heard rumours that Kiss FM’s Pandora will be replacing Toby.

  9. Dan Dean says

    Apart from the anoraks here….WHO CARES!!!!!!…Nobody..get a bloody life.

    1. forty says

      well you cared enough to comment so why shouldn’t others?

  10. DJ-Slim says

    The way Heart is going at the moment, this is no great loss.
    Heart & Global are to busy telling us what we have to listen too rather than giving us an option, taking away locally produced shows and news is a prime example.

    Internet Radio is the way forward….

    1. mb23 says

      The local news is staying.

  11. ksdsdkl says

    National Heart Breakfast?

  12. Radio Geordie says

    So he’s not actually leaving which is the way the headline suggests.
    He’s basically doing less hours for the same money.

Comments are closed.