Watch Global giving evidence in the Debating Chamber about networking

Global’s News Editor for Scotland Corrie Martin, and Global’s Chief Strategy Officer Will Harding have appeared in the Scottish Government’s Debating Chamber to talk about upcoming changes.

They were giving evidence to the Culture, Tourism, Europe and External Affairs Committee on Thursday morning about the recent announcement to offer networked breakfast shows in Scotland across Heart and Smooth, plus on Communicorp’s Capital.

When questioned if the exercise is to cut costs, Will Harding confirmed the headcount in Scotland is only dropping by one person, from 34 to 33 people, despite the removal of Scottish breakfast shows.

It was also mentioned Global is increasing the number of news staff in Scotland, and the method of using split links to deliver Scotland specific content was also explained.

The full questioning was broadcast via Scottish Parliament TV, and can be watched below.

We’ve clipped it to the correct starting point.

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    “I don’t want to predict the future” – He’s the srategy officer – If he can’t give a view on the future of the industry, it’s wishes and Global’s position who can?

  2. Joe Smith says

    He doesn’t want to predict that Global will continue to ruin commercial radio but they will.

  3. Chris says

    His points on ‘needing to survive’ would be a lot more valid if the company wasn’t turning a multi-million-pound profit every year 🙄 Nothing but greed.

  4. Nick says

    They didn’t grill global hard enough on the Following points.

    1. To be competitive in the market place, shouldn’t you utilise the option to use Scottish presenters at breakfast otherwise you will blend into the background with all other London based stations. Surely using Scottish presenters is a massive USP.

    2. The listenership for heart has struggled since they took over the Scottish based real radio.

    3. While moving output to London for the morning and afternoon presenter has proved a success, that does not mean that the breakfast show will follow the same pattern. Breakfast has more speech compared to the non stop music format between 9 and 4.

    1. Radio Rental says

      1. Having a London based national breakfast show will ensure that they can attract the largest guests, the biggest sponsors/advertisers and prizes for listeners. Real Radio managed to gain more listeners by basically buying them off with big cash prizes.

      2. While the share hasn’t been great, it gives Heart a presence in Scotland’s most populated area. An advertiser will see that they can sell their products in the Central Belt and buy ad time.

      3. See point 1 and point 2. It’s not all about being market leader, but having a presence. Listeners will still have a choice in Glasgow with Clyde 1, 2 and Nation Radio providing a Scottish voice at Breakfast, alongside BBC Radio Scotland.

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