Launch details and schedule for Country Hits Radio

Bauer’s newest radio station, Country Hits Radio, has launched this morning at 10 with Chris Young’s Raised on Country.

Well known country music radio host Baylen Leonard kicked off proceedings and was joined by fellow station host Una Healy from The Saturdays.

The full schedule is below, and includes Jennie longdon on Breakfast and Lou Nash in the afternoons. Later today, Ty Bentli will be broadcasting his 5pm show from The Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas.

Former Signal 1 Breakfast Show co-host Emma Jones is also hosting a weekly show, after quitting early mornings last week.

Film studio Entertainment One is sponsoring the station to promote upcoming movie Wild Rose: an uplifting story following one young woman’s dream to make it as a country singer from Glasgow to Nashville with Jessie Buckley, Julie Walters and Sophie Okonedo.

Simon Kilby, Chief Revenue Officer Bauer Media said: “Our insight has uncovered a clearly defined and valuable audience of contemporary country music lovers within the previously untapped Hits Radio Network. This launch partnership with Entertainment One’s Wild Rose is a brilliant fit for the modern demographic of 25-44 year olds immersing themselves in this exciting genre.”

“This bespoke creative campaign will capture our audience’s imagination celebrating this uplifting film with a soundtrack of the very best pop country music, and the artists bringing the UK’s fastest growing music genre into the mainstream.

The bespoke Country Hits Radio and Entertainment One campaign, which is brokered by Zenith, runs from 5th-14th April and encompasses branded content across radio and digital platforms with credits, live reads and spotlights.



Country Hits Radio schedule:


0700-0900 – Country Hits At Breakfast weekdays with Jennie Longdon

0900-1000 – Country Hits Throwback weekdays with Jennie Longdon and with Una Healy on Saturdays

1000-1300 – Baylen Leonard including Could Have Been Country and Country Champion

1300-1700 – Lou Nash

1700 – 2000 – The Ty Bentli Show from Nashville

2000-0000 – Country Hits Evenings

Weekends highlights:

Fri 2000-0000 Emma Jones


09:00 -13:00 – Una Healy
13:00 -17:00 – Naomi Kent
17:00 – 21:00 – Scarlett Howard
21:00 – 00:00 – Emma Jones

13:00 -16:00 – The Front Porch with Baylen Leonard
16:00 – 20:00 – Emma Jones – Country Hits Weekend
20:00 – 23:00 – Matt Spracklen

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  1. Alex says

    I think Bauer forget that Chris Country was really the UK’s first digital country music station and has a strong following

    1. Ted says

      Never heard of it so it can’t be that strong!

      1. Mark Levy says

        It’s a brand new station that’s why. And a format that’s long overdue as radio on the UK. British Country music has been brewing for years with hands like The Shires. So finally, it’s arrived!

        1. Mark Levy says

          I’ve heard of Chris Country. The more. Country stations though, the better

      2. Chris Moore says

        I love that some people’s own awareness is the yardstick by which they measure success or failure.

        1. JW says

          If only we weren’t aware of you.

  2. Ron Dobbyn says

    I’d like to hear Randell Lee Rose on Drive, David Allan midmorning, and if they were still alive. Wally Whyton in the evening , and Bob Powell. Trevor Harrison has country DJ experience too, he stood in for Wally once, who is Trevor Harrison?, Eddie Grundy of course. My friend Ronnie Cannon from You Tube stardom” Ronnie Cannon Sings” is looking forward to tuning in.

    1. Joe Smith says

      and Lord Reith reading the news?

  3. Spencer Payne says

    What multiplex is this station on?

    1. Almorr says

      SDL Sound Digital, listened to it earlier in the day, great country music, however, since around 2pm, on DAB in Central Scotland it says on my DAB radio. “Station off Air” 😪

      1. mb23 says

        It isn’t on SDL, it’s on various local multiplexes which Bauer own (or partly own). These are mainly in Scotland & northern England plus Birmingham and London.

        1. Almorr says

          Sorry about that mistake Mb23, I was thinking of Scala Radio

      2. Justme says

        Try a ull rescan. They changed short DAB name from Country to CountryH which caused my radio to loose the preset.

  4. Roy Riccard says

    How on earth do I get country hits?

  5. Ron Dobbyn says

    What time is Bob Kingsley on with ” The American Country Countdown” . I hope they play Simon Crum, ( Stand up , sit Down) Grandpa Jones, Minnie Pearl, Ben Colder,( Don’t go near the Eskimo,s”) and Nervous Norvious, and his country classic ” Transfusion.” There is lot of great country comedy, like Jeff Foxworthy” You might be a redneck if …….”( If you unblock your sink with a shotgun)

    1. Darrell Chapman says

      The American country countdown with Bob Kingsley is on Chris country from 8 a.m. Saturday

  6. Karen Saveall says

    Brilliant news. Big country fan for over forty years please play lots of Chris young, Chase Rice, Hunter Tynan Davis, Matt Austin and tanner Stephens please. And the oldies too. Thank you and bless ya all 🙏🏻

  7. graham baylies says

    country hits radio not on dab in Swindon not working on laptop and ipad

  8. Stuart says

    How many stations come out of 1 Golden Square now? Surprised there’s room for another in there

    1. Andrew R says

      If it is anything like Bauer’s other radio stations, all they will have is “That’s What I Call Country” which will be on random shuffle for 24 hours a day.

    2. David says

      Country Hits is based at the Castlequay studios in Manchester.

    3. John Fennell says

      What frequency can I find Country Hits Radio on? I’m in West Yorkshire. Is it available on digital as well as analogue.

      1. John Fennell says

        Just found it on digital. Happy now!

  9. Lee says

    Where is the American Country Singles chart show? There are plenty in the US, Lon Helton’s Country Countdown USA, Bob Kingsley’s Country Top 40 and Kix Brooks with American Country Countdown, so what will Country Hits Radio broadcast and when?

    1. Darrell Chapman says

      The Bob Kingsley top 40 chart just consider the official chart in the United States

  10. Chris says

    Over the moon… have tried to listen to Chris Country but the signal is always extremely poor or non existent in Lancashire…. country hits has been brilliant today!!

  11. Philip Harris says

    Hi, is it nationwide and how do I find it?

  12. Kevin Willis says

    Unable to get in Southampton, have tried reset but no luck.

  13. harvey says

    good lord counldnt think of a worser station, ugh country music nah thanks whatever next motown geez what rubbish,
    indie is best, ill stick to my radio x thank you very much

  14. Denyce Blackman says

    For all West Midlands country music lovers – there’s a country party happening on April 16 in Birmingham. After a film screening of “Wild Rose” (a story of a Glasgow mother and ex-convict on a quest to become a country music star) there will be a country music live DJ set and signature cocktails –

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