National sponsor announced for networked Heart breakfast show

Global has signed broadband provider TalkTalk to sponsor Heart Breakfast – which will be the largest show in commercial radio when it launches nationally on June 3rd.

The new show will be hosted by Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden, with former Pussycat Dolls star and TV personality Ashley Roberts, who will be sharing gossip from the world of showbiz.

The agreement includes airtime, with distribution of TalkTalk ads across the Heart network and via DAX, the digital audio advertising exchange. TalkTalk will also have a presence on Heart’s website, via the Global Player app and the brand’s popular social media channels across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The deal was brokered by media agency m/SIX, part of The&Partnership, who have worked with TalkTalk since their inception.

Mike Gordon, Chief Commercial officer at Global, owner of Heart, said: “As we prepare for exciting changes at Heart, we are delighted to welcome TalkTalk on board as the official sponsor for the brand-new Breakfast show with Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden.

“With the nationwide launch of the largest show in commercial radio, our partnership will reach millions of listeners across the entire nation on air, online and via Global Player.”

David Parslow, Group Marketing Director at TalkTalk, added: “Finding ways to help people connect to their friends, family and communities is a huge part of TalkTalk’s DNA. Heart’s unique relationship with its listeners makes this partnership a natural fit for TalkTalk and we’re delighted to be sponsoring its new Breakfast show.”

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  1. Nathan pick says

    All the more reson to listen to our LOCAL radio station at breakfast.ih n no celebrity rubbish either

    1. Scott says

      Good luck, Heart has eaten the Heart out on Bob fm Hertfordshire in North Hertfordshire as it being merge with Watford local Heart Hertfordshire Base station in Watford, Soon their won’t be any ILR Station left, only local Community Stations, That if they survive on low Budgets.

      1. mb23 says

        According to the public file Bob FM was only live between 6-9am, and automated for the rest of the day. Proper local radio?

  2. Diandal says

    I and many others I know won’t be listening anymore to Heart Breakfast.
    Iv started listening to Forth 1 breakfast on way to work. I like to hear local djs and local banter and local travel.

  3. heart1 says

    Give them a chance guys.

    Would you rate a film in the same detail before you’d seen it?

    It amazes me how many people have such strong radio opinions on something they have never ever heard yet.

  4. Mark Budgen says

    Global want every single radio station in Britain.
    Bland, uninteresting, drivel with a play list that’s simply have a CD.
    Ashley Tabor has destroyed British radio just to make money for himself.

    1. T1 says

      strong opinions for a show you haven’t heard yet

    2. T1 says

      Radio X and LBC are not bland.

      1. David says

        They’re are

  5. Radio Geordie says

    And how many times during the show would they have to get Talk Talk into the conversation?
    Here’s an idea, every hour you play a song by Talk Talk (including the song Talk Talk).

  6. Bradley Walters says

    Talk Talk are sponsors of crap. X Factor. I rest my case.

    1. David says

      They haven’t been for quite a while now

  7. Lee says

    Ashley Tabor and the rest of the grab and slash team strike again. Globals mission seems to be to provide national radio at the lowest common denominator, unenspiring and uninteresting for all. How many times can they say there brand names in every link, between the same old tracks, before and after the briefest of news bulletins possible. Absolute rubbish.

  8. Dan Dean says

    The comments here it seems come from very bitter ex presenters or those not good enough to be presenters. TRUTH IS….Radio Local was crap, eaten alive by Radio One and Two, terrible programmes and presenters. losing money hand over fist and seen as a bit of a joke with people on the outside. Had Global not taken most of them over they would have gone bust anyway. TRUTH IS….anyone outside radio could not care less where the radio station they listen to comes from as long as it sounds professional and slick, playing the hits. I need to add that I don’t listen to any of Ashley’s stations as they don’t appeal to me, but I understand why they do what they do and how… is a business, as it always was but done badly because it was not something people wanted to buy into. ALSO….all the people who have lost their jobs in radio ,I am sorry for you, but why do you think you deserve to be treated any different to the Honda workforce about to be thrown out of work in Swindon, just get on with it , and if you cant get a radio gig find something else ….a real job, and get on with your life.

    1. Mark Budgen says

      Yet Tabor Radio is also the same – bland, uninspiring, tepid and safe.

    2. Joe Smith says

      So you are a mind-reader who knows all the FACTS are you?

      I’ll just put you down as a pompous know-it-all who knows nothing and who isn’t worth bothering about.


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