Alan Robson’s Night Owls to end on Metro Radio and TFM

Alan Robson has announced his late night phone in, which he has hosted for almost 40 years, is coming to an end.

He started hosting the show started on Metro Radio in 1983 and later extended to TFM in recent years, but will finish on Thursday 27th June 2019.

Alan told listeners on Thursday evening, 13th June, and posted the news on social media. Alan said: “I’ve had an incredible career on Metro and I’m grateful to both them, and you the listeners, for sticking by me for so long.”

In a statement from Alan, he said he’s now looking for a new full time gig, and has been offered a weekly show on Greatest Hits Radio which he might choose to do. Bauer says the show will be replaced with a networked, music-intensive show format called ‘Hits Chilled’.

Here’s the message from Alan in full:

“After 40 years of presenting this award-winning show on Metro/TFM, it’s time for a change. Night Owls will air its last episode on this station at the end of the month. I’ve had an incredible career on Metro and I’m grateful to both them, and you the listeners, for sticking by me for so long.

All good things come to an end, but I’m leaving on good terms. Having known about the changes for a while, we wanted time to round-up some of the show’s best ever bits to share with you all.

“I want the next couple of weeks to be a huge celebration of all the great stuff we’ve done and the fun we’ve had on the show over the years.

“So to the future who knows….You all know how ambitious I am, and how I love doing what I do, so I’m looking for a new full time gig… so let’s see what comes up. Metro’s sister station Greatest Hits Radio have offered me the opportunity to do a weekly Sunday night show from August and this might be something I choose to do.

“I look forward to leaving on a high, so let’s let the next two weeks be full of laughs and great memories.”

Metro Radio/TFM, Regional Content Director, Tom Haynes, told RadioToday: “Alan’s contribution to our business and the radio industry is unprecedented and we are deeply appreciative of his commitment over the decades. He is without doubt one of the most successful broadcasters of our generation and he still has the passion and drive to keep on doing what he loves, live radio.”

In his time at Metro Radio, Alan has won 3 Radio Academy Sony Awards, 1 Arqiva award and has broken 3 Guinness World Records. Last year he picked up Gold at the New York Radio Awards for Best Radio Personality: Local Market.

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  1. Radio Geordie says

    Not really surprised given that its around this time when both stations become Hits Radio.
    I’m just wondering what sort of show he could do on Greatest Hits Radio – the only other type of show he did was a rock music show.

    1. Niko says

      Pete Price does his phone in on GHR Liverpool — I expect something similar.

    2. Barry says

      His show would more likely be the same talk format as Pete price does for greatest hits radio in Liverpool on Sunday nights as a opt out show from the ghr network

    3. Adrian says

      Radio Geordie-One would imagine they are planning to do the same thing as in Liverpool where GHR have an opt-out late on Sunday night with long-time phone-in host Pete Price which used to be on weekdays as well,it would probably be a similar show to Night Owls on a smaller scale.

      1. Radio Geordie says

        Maybe, but I got the impression that it was likely to be a networked show coming from Newcastle.

        1. Pat says

          Very unlikely,it’s a North-East show,i expect they are just trying to get his listeners to switch to GHR-goodness knows they need it after the last figures-but I think you will find it is North East only in that 10-1 slot on Sunday night-if it happens at all.

          1. Radio Geordie says

            But who said it was a phone-in show he was offered. Alan only says he was offered a show on that network, hence why he’s contemplating doing it, especially if he’s getting the same money to do just the one show per week – but across a network instead.

            As I said before, the only other type of show he’s done is a rock music show, which has me wondering what this show is, unless its a classic rock programme which would fit in with GHR’s oldies format.

    4. emma batey says

      Iam.going to miss u to i been u for ages thank ufor being there for me.pal

  2. Paul Evans says

    Corporate stupidity of the worst kind. Doesn’t the station know what a genuine treasure they have in Alan Robson and the community he is at the centre of??

    The region will be a lesser place without him.

  3. John Appleby says

    So sad your leaving Alan I have listened to your show for about 25yrs, I hope you are as successful in your new adventure as night owls has been
    All the very best John.

  4. Ellise says

    Hits Radio is coming…

  5. Mike Rose says

    BBC North East…what are you waiting for?

  6. Owen says

    Quite a scathing bit of audio there from Alan! Worth a listen…

  7. neal says

    “Alan’s contribution to our business and the radio industry is unprecedented and we are deeply appreciative of his commitment over the decades”

    Yeah but money and more closures/networking always comes bloody first. I really hope somebody totally exterminates these greedy sods one day

    1. mb23 says

      They have offered him Sundays on GHR.

    2. sj says

      Bauer have no requirement to do speech output, which is more expensive than just networking from Manchester, so who can blame them from a business point-of-view? But it’s a great opportunity for the BBC to snap him up for a regional late night show. The beeb’s a more natural platform for it, anyway, and they’ll resource it better. So let’s hope they go for it.

      1. Dan98 says

        Alan has pissed off a lot of powerful people. Could there be a link………

      2. Radio Geordie says

        He used to do a Night Owls show on Saturday nights – but it wasn’t a phone-in programme, it was a rock & metal music show.

        1. Radio Geordie says

          Forgot to say, if the BBC do snap him up, then putting Alan in the same late night slot regionally would be better than that so-called comedian they replaced Paddy MacDee with.

    3. mb23 says

      You have to go back to the 1980s for the last time local shows at 10pm were a regulatory requirement on commercial radio.

      In the late 1980s there was a networked music service after 10pm called The Super Station and that was agreed by the IBA. I assume that Metro & TFM didn’t take this.

  8. Spencer Payne says

    We don’t get anything like that doon south ……thank god!

    1. Joe Smith says

      in Middlesborough do you mean?

  9. Ryan says

    Alan you going to be sadly missed hope to listen to you on a different frequency and good luck hope to hear of you soon

  10. John says

    It’s probably down to their Rajar figures at the end of the day and yes the greedy execs always look at the bottom line. Think he could a better job than Stefan peddy who is just so funny NOT at the Beeb

  11. Radio Geordie says

    Not surprising, listeners are up in arms – there’s a story in the local press about a Facebook petition to stop Bauer cancelling the show (which they’ll [Bauer] no doubt stick two fingers up to).
    Here’s the link if anyone’s interested:

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