Global to launch Heart Dance with Toby Anstis on Breakfast

Heart Dance, a new service from Global, is launching on DAB digital radio across the UK this Friday 21st June.

The Club Classics formatted station will have former Heart presenters Toby Anstis on the breakfast show, and Lucy Horobin on afternoon drive. Lucy will also be presenting a weekend show every Saturday from 10am – 1pm.

Heart Dance will play club classics from the likes of Basement Jaxx, Daft Punk, Ne-Yo, Ultra Naté, Fatboy Slim and Armand Van Helden.

On Friday and Saturday nights, Heart’s Club Classics show will be simulcast on both Heart and Heart Dance, with Toby Anstis hosting every Friday from 7pm and Pandora on Saturday from 7pm.

James Rea, Managing Editor of Heart tells RadioToday: “Heart Dance will be a brilliant addition to the Heart brand – just in time for the Summer!

“Listeners will be able to re-live the greatest times of their life with the biggest club classic dance tunes of all time. I’m delighted we’ll also have a terrific line-up that includes some of Heart’s top presenters including Toby Anstis, Lucy Horobin and Pandora.”

Toby Anstis says: “To present the breakfast show on a brand-new national radio station, playing the music I have always loved with a passion, is a dream! To top it off, we also have my good mate Lucy Horobin getting listeners home at drive time.

“Heart is my natural home and a place I love. I can’t wait to get started, waking up the UK with some bangers from 7am on Friday 21st June live on Heart Dance!”

Heart now has a number of spin-off brands, all broadcasting nationally on D1 – Heart 80s, Heart extra and now Heart Dance.

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  1. Ted says

    Another one to avoid!

  2. Adrian says

    yawn-as if we need more of this music on yet another channel.

    1. Almorr says

      Dance the week away, sounds good. 😊

    2. Callum Reddy says

      I wonder if they’ll play a wide variety of club classics and also play music released before 1990?

      1. Colin Harris says

        Lets hope so but doubt it. Would love to hear the likes of Rose Royce, Chic and Donna Summer alongside Michael Jackson, Pointer Sisters, Womack and Womack alongside Calvin Harris and David Guetta. Prove me and other sceptics wrong Global and mix up dance classics of all time.

  3. David says

    Can see why Global have chosen a name extension of the Heart brand, but with dance music, missed opportunity to use the Galaxy branding again.

    1. MICHAEL BOLTON says

      They like to talk about numbers as the Heart Brand – rather than just Heart, Hesart 80’s etc – They sell to agencies on the vbasis of the brand as well as iddividual stations. So adding this adds another XXXX to the overall Heart Brand reach rather than a stand alone brand. It’s all about selling burgers and cars .

      1. mb23 says

        They ditched the Galaxy brand because it wasn’t commercially successful.

        Global’s strategy is eight well-known brands (with extensions). Compare that with Bauer’s strategy of 74 brands and you can see why Global are more successful.

  4. Mike Rose says

    Ultra Nate with her one big hit every 2 days…fabulous.

    1. Tony Eaton says

      Every 2 days, I think it might be a bit more than that. I’m really looking forward to this station, nice bit of uplifting when you’re in the mood and two nice peeps presenting as well

    2. Radio Geordie says

      Every 2 hours more like!

      1. Phil says

        Or ‘Every Bloody 3’?

  5. Stuart says

    So this is basically a Kisstory rival? That seems fairly popular and even though that’s not my genre I’ve always quite enjoyed it when I’ve heard it (my dentist has it on in his surgery)

    1. Colin Harris says

      So you listen every 6 months…unless you have problem teeth!

      1. Stuart says

        It’s quite nice as an aural anesthetic.

        My local chippy always has it on too. Always surprises me how many ‘old skool choons’ I like

  6. Colin says

    Bauer have copied Global in most of their recent launches. Now Heart Dance copies Kisstory…and lets hope we can have the greatest dance tunes of all time from disco to present day. And not just the same ones on repeat either.

  7. Daniel David Harborne says

    why do we need heart dance for on dab radio we already have kiss history so why do we need heart dance for global will run out of money at this rate keep launching new radio stations all the time I think I stick to kiss history thank you very much

    1. mb23 says

      Kisstory is owned by a different company (Bauer).

  8. Ron Dobbyn says

    Fantastic. Can’t wait to dance to the Madison, the Charleston, the Hully gully, the Twist, the Stomp, the boogoloo, the crawl, thefish, the turkey trot, and my favourite ” The Cramp” as featured a few months ago ( true)on Nick Abbott,s LBC show .” The Cramp” is sung by Vince Phillpot, and the Drag,s ( Quiz Question what is Vince,s real name,? he reads Audio Harry Potter books in Usa.) Dance The Cramp on You Tube. You can dance the Cramp anywhere including in bed, or in the bath, ( Nick Abbott said you can’t Dance in the Bath)

  9. Lee says

    Surprise surprise. Yawn. Yawn. Another radio station being offered on DAB which is virtually a jukebox playing songs which you can hear on other radio stations (so much for more music variety – remember that one!) and on heavy rotation. Not for me. Why did I ever buy a DAB radio? We need real variety on DAB like a national country music station playing U.S country hits and a US Country chart show.

    1. Colin Harris says

      The problem is would it bring in the listeners to attract advertisers? I believe there is a DAB country channel but not sure if its a nationwide one. There are already 2 country music video channels on Sky.

  10. Ben Wright says

    Can u play dance songs from the 70s Donna summer Barry white. Jacksons. Earth wind and fire James Brown. The real thing. ojays .sly and the family stone herbie Hancock And music from the 80s George Benson. Dtrain Luther vandross. Change. kool and the gang. Atlantic Starr. Alexander neal. Linx. Shalmer and cameo. And fastback band.

    1. Colin Harris says

      I so hope that the “greatest dance hits of all time” means that but the insertion of the word “some” in their press release leaves me sceptical that all dance classics will be included or a core playlist can be avoided.

    2. Callum Reddy says

      I Feel Love by Donna Summer was one of the best and long standing Club Classics played up until the end of December 2017.

  11. Kish says

    Well it’s basically another pop up station like “Mellow Magic” and “Magic Soul” except the presenters are live(well I’m hoping) not just a pre-recorded station like Mellow Magic where only breakfast is live and the rest all recorded.

  12. David archer says

    Hi if u are going to do a dance radio station u need to play music from the 70s as well with frombee gees. Candi staton. Chic. The moments. Roy ayers. Kc and the sunshine band. Crown height affairs. Chaka Khan. Brass construction.

  13. Ron Dobbyn says

    And Don’t forget Gene Vincent ” Dance in the Street,. “. Maybe they could hold dance marathon,s in Trafalgar Square, remember ” They shoot Horses don’t they?” Ps .my granny says will they be holding Tea Dances? She likes Ted Crumble, and his Band , and Fred Scuttle, and his All stars

    1. Jv says

      Why do people listen to heart.the same music on repeat,nothing new,nothing interesting, djs proclaiming everything is brilliant,it’s the equivalent of natural yoghurt……bland. just saying.

  14. Adam says

    I can guarantee Heart Dance will not play anything pre-90’s, possibly 80’s as the 70’s does not fit their target audience. Hence why the dropped 70’s and 80’s music when they changed their slogan. It will just be the club classics show on repeat over and over again.

    1. Callum Reddy says

      They will have to play a more wider variety of songs if it’s 24 hours.

      1. Pat says

        Why?-all the other stations are 24 hours-doesn’t mean a bigger playlist worse luck!.

        1. Callum Reddy says

          I didn’t mean it like that. What I meant is Club Classics is for 6 hours each weekend, 3 hours on both nights so there will have to be a wider variety of songs.

          1. Adam says

            I’ve just had a quick listen and it is literally the club classics show on the main heart station. It will be the same songs over and over again. Fine for a quick 15 min blast in the taxi before going out but that’s about it. It’s typical Global!

    2. Colin Harris says

      Listened today to Toby at beakfast and even text in with suggestions but not even got mentioned. Maybe because i said it was not the greatest dance tunes of all time but just since 1990. Coming late to the party for a service Kisstory provides. And why not employ DJs allday especially with the costs saved sacking all but a few of the main Heart breakfast presenters. Heart Dance could be so much more and cover all dance decades…dance did not start in 1990 but 1974. And if that is too far back then at least the likes of Salt n Pepa Soul to Soul and Mantronix could be included from the 80s. Good music but with presenters all day and a wider scope of dance music even this early in the day i fear its a chance lost to be different to Kisstory.

  15. sarah white says

    if heart dance dont play 70s and 80s dance songs as well we should tell ofcom and the goverment about it listeners need to be treated better

    1. Adrian says

      And they will do precisely nothing.

      1. mb23 says

        Nor would you expect them to. It’s a digital-only station with no format requirements.

    2. Colin Harris says

      Sadly if Ofcom can dictate that breakfast shows no longer have to be regionalised they are unlikely to act on anyone saying dance music started before 1990. Global are very set in their ways in dictating what listeners want to hear and when rather than listening to what listeners want from a radio station. Only if they dont generate enough listeners will they change Heart Dance to cover all genres and decades.

  16. Kevin hall says

    Heart dance is a joke no 70s 80s dance tunes we need to stop listening and protect the government about it

  17. Sarah turner says

    Just listen to heart dance where is the party dance songs from the 70s and 80s kool and the gang. sister sledge. Barry white. Odyssey. And the song d I s c o.. And ymca and Gloria gaynor.

  18. Alice wright says

    Heart dance needs a bigger play list we need 70s and 80s as well like earth wind fire. Barry white. Shalmar.. Chic. Linx. George Benson and the jacksons if we don’t have 70s and 80s as well we will just have the same songs over and over again

  19. Amysmith says

    Heart dance why do we need it when kiss does it all ready they need to play 70s dance as well to make it diff James Brown. The real thing. ojays. Fatback band. Fat Larry’s band.. Herbie Hancock. Roy ayers. And hi tension.

  20. Toby willson says

    Heart dance. Dance music didn’t began in the 90s it began in 1972. Wake up and give people what they want.

  21. Toby willson says

    We need to tell heart what music we want to listen to and tell ofcom to do there work and sort it out

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