Heart updates jingle package for national roll-out

Heart has updated its station sound with new jingles and imaging from ReelWorld.

The new package features a fresh news theme plus travel and weather beds to tie in with the launch of the new national schedule.

ReelWorld also delivered imaging versions of the new jingle themes which add a VO-based aspect to the station branding.

A new breakfast jingle has also been sung for Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden.

ReelWorld has been creating the sound of the station since 2014. Have a listen to a montage below.

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  1. Thomas says

    Wondering wether we can hear the news package

  2. Brian says

    They think a jingle package is going to make a difference? Are we still in the 1970’s?

  3. Paul Swift says

    What will they say I wonder !
    Losing millions of listeners across the UK because of our greed !
    What a disaster the station now is. How the hell do they get away with it. Should give it a national frequency of 108 mhz and rebrand it to Hate 108.

    1. mb23 says

      How do you know they are “losing millions of listeners”? This is purely anecdotal based on a few disgruntled people posting on social media. The RAJAR results won’t be out until October.

      1. neal says

        Why bloody why do people keep defending the fact that Global have got a national station by forcing the closure of local stations and nicking their frequencies. If they wanted to be a national brand they should have bloody well put all the money they have spent destroying local radio to building their own national transmitters and just got on with it. But hey no because that would have cost them more money and their back pockets would not be as fat as they are now. Always comes back to the same old with them no interest in the product or the listener just want the obscene profits the chosen few at the top continue to make!

        1. mb23 says

          Ofcom allowed it by changing the rules. There are no national FM frequencies available because the BBC has taken up 70% of the band.

          Why not remove Radio 3 and give it to proper independent local radio?

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