Thordis Fridriksson moves to daily one hour Cambridgeshire show

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire breakfast presenter Thordis Fridriksson is moving to a one-hour afternoon show after the recent appointment of Kev Lawrence at breakfast.

The station today announced her new slot will be 3 till 4pm after confirming she will be moving to ‘afternoons’ earlier this month.

The Ronnie Barbour Show will continue to look at the big stories of the day from 4pm Mon-Thurs.

Friday’s schedule maintains Walk Right Back with Steve Line at 3pm before Thordis hosts a round-up of the days events from 4pm.

Sue Marchant leaves the daily line-up for now, to work on a new broadcast project which will launch in 2020. She continues to present The Folk Show on Monday night at 7pm and her own regional show at 7pm on a Sunday.

David Harvey, Editor of BBC Radio Cambridgeshire told RadioToday: “We want to capture the heart of Cambridgeshire with our new schedule featuring presenters who live in the county they love.

“This new line-up will be covering every community, playing the best music and giving you the latest news and conversations from the patch, so we’re really excited for the summer and beyond!”

The new afternoon programmes launch from Monday 22nd July at 3pm.

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  1. Mark Budgen says

    Is it an hour of Icelandic news for the Icelandic community of Cambridgeshire, interspersed with Bjork?

  2. Michael Bolton says

    This is nuts
    What does a one hour show achieve?

    1. Mark Budgen says

      Can’t imagine she’ll be taking a pay cut.

  3. Shaun says

    I now listen to Cambridge 105- why would you want to listen to a load of old gits from a bygone era of radio……..

  4. ciaran says

    It would be great to have Richard Spendove back with a sat or sun evening show networked on a number of stations. He was great at announcing the records he played whicn does not much nowadays.

    1. Jonathan says

      No it wouldn’t, he was well past his sell by date.

  5. Michael says

    This is dreadful. She is such a talent. The managing editor has so much to answer for, with real talent and people from the local area leaving to work elsewhere. He thinks bringing in Kev Lawrence will solve all of his dwindling listening figures. It will certainly help. 6-9 breakfast 9am Phone in 10-1 Jeremy Sallis with a show similar to JVS ON 3CR, 1-4 Thordis 4-7 Ronnie Barbour. This would be perfect

  6. Len Groat says

    So now the BBC are throwing PUBLIC money around on ONE HOUR shows…..

    its a runaway disaster perpetuated by ‘editors ‘ who know little about radio .

    a disgrace.

  7. Elia says

    To be honest since Jeremy Sallys moved from breakfast it went from bad to worse so I am glad there is a change, I found her show so irritating with the most annoying jingles amongst other things. Let’s hope this new show is better, fun, informative without being annoying!

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