BBC Radio Cambridgeshire starts Black Beats Show

A five-week series exploring black beats and sounds in Cambridgeshire will air on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire from this week.

Black Beats with Edward Adoo starts on Wednesday, and with help from listeners, DJs, artists and people, Edward highlights those who have made the black music scene in Cambridgeshire what it is today.

Edward is joining the recently revamped evening schedule show, The Residency, which​​ give​s​ ​​listeners a weekly opportunity to talk about a local fascination and a chance to share stories and memories.

Edward says: “Black music, past, present and future has major roots in the Cambridgeshire area from Peterborough to Cambridge and beyond. There are stories, weekly nights and experiences that never get mentioned.

“I’ll be able to explore this over five weeks ​with help from listeners ​through black beats and sounds on The Residency by celebrating the eclectic sounds of black music in all forms from Reggae, Soul, Disco, R&B, Hip Hop to House and beyond taking listeners directly on to the dancefloor.”

The show is set to feature live music sessions from artists who are part of the current scene and guest DJ mixes from local DJs. Edward is also tipping ‘Future Stars’ through BBC Music Introducing in Cambridgeshire and the wider independent local scene.

Meanwhile, on BBC Three Counties Radio show, Ed will be hosting a 30th anniversary special on the rave scene and acid house in Beds, Herts and Bucks on Sunday 30th with special guests Chris Forbes, reportedly the first DJ to play house/acid house legally on the radio, plus Tim Raidl from Jack Trax / Chill Music and Glenn Jenkins from Exodus raves.

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  1. Joe Smith says

    When is the White Beats programme starting?

    1. Mr Boltar says

      Careful, some SJW snowflake will be along any moment to accuse you of being a Wacistht! Didn’t you know that its ok to demarcate asians and blacks and give them special treatment in the media but not whites?

    2. AlexaPlayDespacito says

      Does a programme exploring black music offend you? You’re so grossly insecure that you deem any attempt to promote diversity or culture to be a threat to your role as a privileged white man.

      The reason programmes like these continue to be made is because people like you continue to spout these ignorant, offensive views.


      1. Joe says

        As usual you are speaking utter nonsense. Where did I say that a programme exploring black music offended me?

        I’ll give you some help (because you obviously need a lot of help) – absolutely nowhere at all.

        One of the main reasons that the divisions in society continue to exist is because of pathetic individuals like you that peddle lies in order to promote your own divisive agenda.

        You are the one that continues to be utterly pitiful.

        1. Joe Smith says

          Absolutely. You can always rely on her when a nutcase is required!

      2. Mr Boltar says

        And sure enough, one shows up LOL 🙂

  2. Mr Boltar says

    “Edward highlights those who have made the black music scene in Cambridgeshire what it is today.”

    All 3 of them.

    Perhaps BBC locals should concentrate on their core market rather than trying to catch the trendy urban yoof market, who’ll all be listening to Kiss or online anyway and wouldn’t be seen dead listening to a BBC local station.

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