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Kev Lawrence joins BBC Radio Cambridge for Breakfast

Former Heart Cambridgeshire and Peterborough breakfast show presenter Kev Lawrence is joining BBC Radio Cambridgeshire to host breakfast from July 1st.

Kev replaces Thordis Fridriksson who will return to afternoons.

He left Heart last month after 20 years to make way for Heart’s new networked breakfast show.

Kev says: “I’m really excited about the opportunity and can’t wait to get started. We want to create a show that leaves you smiling and feeling good about the day ahead. Every morning, we’ll be a part of the place where you live and the community that’s your home.”

Editor of BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, David Harvey told RadioToday: “Like tens of thousands of Cambridgeshire people, I’ve grown up with Kev Lawrence on the radio. He’s at all the big events, seems to know every person, every place.

“He has that wonderful ability to sound like a much-loved friend and I can’t think of a better presenter to showcase the best of our wonderful county every morning. He’s part of our BBC team now and we’re really excited to be the new home for his passion and creativity.”

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  1. Graham Prince says

    The logic being “ooh he’ll bring his Heart listeners with him” ergo you then make the rest of Radio Cambridge like some kind of ill conceived Heart Lite, or you ask him to do the usual BBC local radio fodder which goes from Brexit to a quirky local story and then back again. YOU CAN’T HAVE BOTH. Watch your backs, BBC local radio bkfast presenters as this plays out across the country. Editors discovering a pot of cash denied to journos when they asked for another reporter and yet *hey presto* the local Heart guy’s been laid off, so we’ll hire him – he’ll be the answer to all our audience challenges.Nice snub to the people already within the bbc or trying to work their way up. Financially ar*e about face as usual!

    1. Mike Rose says

      He’s got the job because of who he is and his relationship with the city and county. To that end, he probably airchecked the show on the i player when he wasn’t doing his own show just so he could learn more about where he lives because you never stop learning, because that’s what good presenters do. He also probably knew the staff there very well. Losing his local Heart show was a mere coincidence. If he (and the BBC) felt he wasn’t right to take over, he wouldn’t have. As for some of his new programme consisting of some of the old one, so what! About time the BBC locals stepped up a gear and got away from sole Ambulance Chaser FM. BBC Kent used to do a bit of both and hammered the commercial oppostition when they first arrived, who only gained when taking on a percentage of BBC Kent’s presenters.

      1. Graham Prince says

        “Losing his local Heart show was a mere coincidence”???!!! There is no way, no way on this earth the sluggish BBC local radio management would have poached him from Global had he been kept on. The bloke became free, Cambridge decided a commercial jock is the way forward – simple as.

        1. James Kay says

          I’m Team Mike on this one. Graham, you seem to have an axe to grind. Let’s give the new show a chance before launching an all-out attack!

        2. David says

          Totally with you on this Graham

  2. David says

    So many ex Heart presenters have been knocking on the doors of BBC local radio hoping to pick up bits. I doubt Kev would have been interested in the BBC if he was still working on Heart. It seems so many presenters think just because they work in radio it’s their god given right to remain in the industry. I know so many ex presenters who’ve left the industry and got other jobs, maybe more should do the same!

    1. Graham Prince says

      Well said, David. The reality is that when you look at the long term RAJAR of Heart Cambridge, it was in a steady and slow decline. Quite why anyone with any programming or marketing nous would think that bringing in a commercial jock with unremarkable figures would be a shot in the their arm for their BBC station is a mystery.

      I thought some of the ethos at the Beeb was about identifying potential and talent, helping it to grow and rewarding loyalty and commitment.But no, it’s the uninspired path of recruiting from an extremely tepid and staid Heart.

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