Love Island winner Dani Dyer joins Capital

Dani Dyer is joining Capital to co-host weekend breakfast this summer.

Starting this Sunday July 7th, the Love Island 2018 winner will join Capital’s Rob Howard every Saturday and Sunday from 11am – 12pm.

Dani has covered a few times before with previous guest presenting stints.

Dani said: “I’m super excited to be joining the Capital team for the summer! I always have so much fun when I’m on Capital and it’s going to be such a laugh presenting with Rob.

“We’ll be playing the biggest tunes of the summer and chatting all things Love Island so make sure you join us every weekend!”

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  1. jtofjax says

    Don’t quote me on this, but from an industry source, I heard that Dani may be doing cover on Hallam FM drive fairly soon; no-one expected that, did they? (Then again…. Zara Macdermott is supposed to be doing Saturday afternoons on Pulse 1, so I’ve heard from a friend across the pond).

    But then again she’s freelance isn’t she??

    Julia – Instagram Influencer & Athlete –

  2. Mr Boltar says

    So global hire another talentless clown , sorry “celebrity” – who’s only famous for some chav TV show and her dimwit father. Who needs professionals eh? Why don’t they just trawl the exits of nightclubs at 2am and whoever they find there stick them on air. They couldn’t do any worse.

    1. mb23 says

      It’s only 1 hour a week to talk about Love Island, so she isn’t taking the job of a professional radio presenter.

      1. Radio Geordie says

        Still an hour too long

    2. FaderInvader says

      I completely agree. It’s the dumbing down of a beautiful medium.

  3. SJ says

    This is absolutely spot-on Capital content, regardless of the inevitable moans on here! To be honest, I think it’s nonsense too, but I’m not the target audience.

  4. FaderInvader says

    This is everything that is wrong with radio today.

    It seems any reality TV fodder maketh a radio presenter nowadays!

    No wonder there’s no jobs for upcoming talent who’ve earned their stripes the traditional way.

  5. Joe Smith says

    Chavs playing chav music for a chav audience whilst talking about chavs.

    Welcome to Chav FM!

    1. Sheila J says


  6. Ted says

    Breakfast? 11am – 12pm? That’s stretching the word breakfast just a little isn’t it?! 🤣

    1. mb23 says

      It’s a Sunday, so anything before noon is classed as breakfast, particularly for young people.

  7. Lee says

    Yawn yawn. Another non-story about Global. How boring …

  8. Sound of Home says

    Yet more lowest common denominator radio from Global. A waste of precious spectrum. But this is what happens when you completely deregulate the market and allow an effective duopoly to control UK commercial radio. Blander than bland.

    1. mb23 says

      Capital would have taken this decision even if there were a lot of station owners in London. It’s “appointment to listen” radio for their target audience, unlike someone they have never heard of playing an hour of top tunes. It’s the same reason that Rylan Clark-Neal was hired by Radio 2.

  9. Len Groat says

    “We’ll be playing exactly the same tunes as everyone else on Capital and chatting about a TV show every weekend!”


    A thought……..

    Will “Chavital” EVER give a show to an ugly woman?

Comments are closed.