Mark Wright returns to weekends on Heart

Mark Wright is back in the UK and is returning to Global to host a weekend show on Heart from July 6th.

He’ll be on-air across the network each Saturday afternoon from 4pm till 7pm.

Mark left Heart in December 2017 and has been working in LA for the last 18 months. He originally joined in December 2012 to host Club Classics every Friday and Saturday night.

James Rea, Managing Editor of Heart told RadioToday: “Mark is the perfect host for Saturday evenings on Heart – he loves his music and he’ll bring a huge energy to his brand new show, which will be packed with the biggest feel-good tunes. He is incredibly popular with our listeners and we’re very happy to have him back behind the mic at Heart!”

Mark Wright says: “I’m buzzing to be back on the air at Heart. I’ll be playing the freshest feel-good hits to soundtrack your weekend. It’s going to be massive so make sure you join me as we turn up the feel-good every Saturday on Heart!”

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  1. Pat says

    Freshest feelgood hits-the same ones you hear the rest of the week i’d Imagine.

    1. Callum Reddy says

      It more than likely will be.

      1. jeff coulson says

        100% definitely 🙂

    2. Tom says

      It will be a prerecorded show reading off a script. Must be a promotion after advertising clothes from matalan

  2. Callum Reddy says

    It sounds great to have Mark Wright back again but I’d much prefer him to present a Club Classics show as opposed to a standard show which plays the same music.

  3. Toby willson says

    Club classics should play music from the 70s and 80s

    1. Callum Reddy says

      It would be great if they did but I doubt they will again now. They do play a few 80’s on Heart Dance including Salt-N-Pepa, Inner City, Technotronic, Street Tuff, etc but not much at all.

      1. Adam says

        They may as well have called Heart Dance “Heart Extra Extra”. Their choice of “dance” Hits is not what most dance classics are. It’s just an extension to the main Heart stations. Bruno Mars 24 Karot Magic is not a dance track.

        1. Callum Reddy says

          Out of interest, could you give me some examples of dance music you’d like to hear on Heart Dance?

  4. Lee Jackson says

    Another boring non-“news” story from Global. Bringing back local radio would be news. Now there’s a thought!

    1. neal says

      Not a hope in hell I’m afraid. Now it’s just all about the money and management who think they are Gods. Before the usual crowd kick off here -YES I know the stations have to make a profit but in the past there was a genuine love of Radio and people actually cared about what they were putting out. Today none of big guns could give a toss about Radio or what they are broadcasting it’s just a massive money spinning exercise for the chosen elite.

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