Yinka and Shayna Marie to take over Capital XTRA Breakfast

Capital XTRA is putting Yinka Bokinni and Shayna Marie Birch-Campbell on weekday breakfast.

Yinka and Shayna Marie will replace Jez Welham, who RadioToday revealed will be leaving the show last week, from September 9th.

Yinka joined Capital XTRA in 2016 as the host of the Capital XTRA Evening Show, whilst Shayna Marie started at Capital XTRA in January 2019 to host her own Friday night show well as a Saturday morning show with Yinka.

Other changes are also coming to the schedule. Robert Bruce will be hosting Evenings on Capital XTRA from 7pm – 10pm, Leah Davis will become the new host of weeknights from 10pm – 1am, Chris Ros will present overnights from 1am – 4am and Jay London will host Early Breakfast from 4am – 6:30am.

Al Smith, Deputy Managing Editor of Capital XTRA tells RadioToday: “We’re thrilled to confirm Yinka and Shayna Marie as the hosts of the new breakfast show on Capital XTRA. They have a brilliant chemistry and an infectious energy, and we’re proud to be launching a brand new breakfast show fronted by two hugely talented rising stars.

Speaking about taking the reins on the Capital XTRA Breakfast show, Yinka said: “I’m proper excited to be the new host of the Capital XTRA Breakfast Show alongside Shayna Marie. It’s such an honour. We’re going to bring a really friendly energy and vibe to our new show – we want our listeners to feel like they’re listening to their mates every morning. We’ll be playing the biggest tunes, all the newest cuts, the hottest drops and the very best of Reloaded and Homegrown, supporting our own UK talent. I can’t wait to get started!”

Shayna Marie said: “I’m so excited to start presenting on the Capital XTRA Breakfast Show with Yinka. This truly is a dream come true. We’ll be bringing the biggest energy, best tunes and nonstop vibes! We always have such a laugh in the studio. This is going to be super-fun!”

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  1. Ted says


    1. PC in Spain says

      T1, maybe more bodies in front of the mic but still less to pay out on payday.

      1. mb23 says

        These are time-served DJs in the London area, one of them used to be on Rinse FM. When Global hire reality TV stars they get criticised , and now they are accused of trying to reduce their wage bill. They can’t win really.

      2. T1 says

        Show us your calculations ?
        or is it just an opinion with no facts

  2. MC Moderate says

    Dey is down wiv da hood innit

  3. PC in Spain says

    But think of the cash saved on the wages bill.

    Hire people you have never heard of and money saved instantly.


    1. T1 says

      Not really… They’ve replaced one person on breakfast with two.

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