Absolute Radio named national station of the year at Bauer Awards

Bauer has crowned Absolute Radio as the National Station of the Year at its annual awards event in London.

Absolute Radio also won awards for breakfast marketing, imaging, specialist shows and content.

Other stations winning the big awards include Tay FM, getting Station of the Year under 1 million TSA and Forth 1 winning the same award for stations over 1 million TSA.

Scala Radio won Event of the Year for its launch whilst the sales team at Downtown Radio won the Sales Team of the Year for Local Radio Sales.

Individuals picking up awards included presenter Pat Sharp, producer Aaran Sheppard, journalist Bryan Rutherford, Rising Star Naomi Julien, Leader Justine Murphy, with Lee Tideswell and Tim Vernon winning Hero Awards.

Steve Taylor has been awarded the Bauer Gold Award, whilst the Media Team of the Year went to the Cash Register team.

And the Making a difference team award went to Where’s your head at? Project team (Bauer’s Mental Health Campaign) and The game changers award went to the Belonging at Bauer team.

Rock FM won the Cash for Kids Team of the Year and Best Pitch of the Year, Downtown Radio won the Platinum Service Award, Hits Radio Manchester won Best On-Air Competition, and Wave 105 won the Digital Innovation of the Year award for their Alexa app.

Dee Ford, Group Managing Director, Bauer Radio said: “It’s our people behind the great work who make Bauer a great place. We’re excited to celebrate the extraordinary talent in our teams from across the UK for the Bauer Media Awards 2019”.

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  1. Willie Bone says

    Congratulations to Absolute Radio! Being an auld codger, I like listening to Absolute 60s, where Beatles songs can be heard better on the radio than listening to my auld Beatles albums from the Parlophone mono collection..

  2. Colin Harris says

    Well Classic FM or Capital were never going to win awards from Bauer were they. Inhouse pat on the back. Personally i still think that Gold is the best oldies station as it gives the mix of 3 decades plus sone 50s. With the 1990 nearly 20 years ago maybe they can incorporate that decade into the schedule sometime. Absolute stations do score highly by having presenters through the day snd for the most part not talking too much.

    1. Bob bower says

      Self congratulation is no recommendation

  3. Bauer says

    Rather than wasting money on this, they could employed a handful of presenters and reduced the networking.

  4. Mr Boltar says

    Pat Sharp must have a portrait in his house somewhere that is slowly aging because he sure as hell isn’t.

  5. Almorr says

    Congratulations to Scala Radio for the Event of the Year, I will always remember the exact place I was at 10am on Monday 4th March, nice that the won that prize.

  6. Andy says

    If Absolute is station of the year lets have it in DAB+ like some other stations are

  7. Joe Smith says

    Meaningless awards.

  8. Radio Producer says

    Another mutual back-slapping excercise…
    When there’s no real competition anymore….
    Waste of time and money…
    But hey…. What do they care…..

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