High Peak Radio and Ashbourne Radio to rebrand

High Peak Radio and Ashbourne Radio are changing their names to Imagine Radio from November 4th.

They are being changed by new owners Helius Media Group to share resources with sister station Imagine Radio in Stockport.

The two stations will keep local breakfast and drive shows, but the rest of the output will be networked with Imagine Radio.

Damian Senar and Craig Pattison will be remaining with the stations to present the local programmes.

Helius Media Group CEO, Mike Taylor told RadioToday: “Since acquiring High Peak and Ashbourne Radio in June, it has become evident change of direction is required.

“Rebranding the stations enables us to align the business to our sales strategy and enable the stations to grow, following the key appointments we have made. I am also really pleased we are maintaining local programming for the region. Incidents like the Whaley Bridge dam show how key local radio is to the local community.”

Ofcom recently agreed on a Format change to allow High Peak Radio and Ashbourne Radio to only provide three hours of locally-made programmes on a weekday, and none on the weekend.

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  1. Mark Levy says

    More djs being made redundant

    1. mb23 says

      It could have been worse, under Ofcom’s new rules they could share all output with Imagine.

    2. Stephen barnes says

      used to love kfm and signal Cheshire on 104.9 imagines too poppy for me went the same way as rev Oldham did that’s too poppy too

      1. Mark says

        I’m sure that will be on the cards next. HPR and Ashbourne saw journalists given redundancies.

      2. Mark Levy says

        On the positive side, It’s Stockport getting its revenge on being taken over by a Stoke station back in the 90s. Now Stockport is the hub, which I suppose can only be good news for the town as a whole.

      3. Steve Harrison says

        Used to work for KFM back in the day , the home of craig cash and caroline aherne etc . it was great for a very short space of time and contributed to the manchester music scene buzz. It was even more fun when KFM was illegal and broadcast from a mill in Marple . not so great when the so called suits from stoke came ……boring . KFM definitly had its time though.

  2. Ron says

    Strange how Ofcom keeps caning community stations that can’t maintain their locally produced hours. Many fell for the supposition that the more hours they detailed in their application, the easier it would be to obtain a licence. The system as usual discourages and overloads the hapless tiddlers.

    1. mb23 says

      Community stations receive some public funding so there is more scrutiny of how they spend it.

      1. Ian Scott says

        Only a very few of them – perhaps 25 a year from the Ofcom/DCMS grant. That leaves the best part of 200 without public money from that source.

    2. Mr Boltar says

      Its become pretty clear in the last few years that the more money you have the more Ofcom will let you to get away with. They’re the typical playground bullies – pick on the little kids , steer clear of the big ones.

  3. timothy says

    it won’t be long u until its a global station…

  4. Terry says

    So sad to see more local commercial radio stations being swallowed up, rebranded and loosing their local identity. It seems to be that ‘local’ radio as was set up in the 1990s is no longer sustainable and now needs to be ‘regional’ radio instead.
    I hope the community stations can sustain their services to provide the services the commercial stations no longer can. Talking of which does anyone know when Ofcom will announce who has been successful from the community stations which applied for licences in March 2019?

  5. Radio Geordie says

    Closely followed by the recently re-branded Durham FM and Alpha FM services who only have a local breakfast show, everything else comes from Stockport.

  6. Steve says

    If you want to know the story of how we won this licence in the first place, go to http://www.broadcastbrothers.co.uk for the paperback and Kindle of ‘Broadcast Brothers: On The Radio’.

    1. Abbie says

      Why did you sell up to these chancers, Steve?

  7. Sound of Home says

    Alpha FM and Durham FM are fairly pointless stations. If their USP is local radio but only 3 hours per day is actually local then a listener who wants CHR and is happy with commecial breaks may as well listen to one of the Global or Bauer brands?

  8. Mark says

    Is this tinpot company still going? They were heavily criticised by listeners for their poor lack of information and mistrust during the Whaley Bridge incident.

    As for Alpha and Durham – these are two tiny licences where previous holders haven’t been able to make the business work and that was run by the professionals.

  9. King Tut Tut says

    Three hours a day locally made, no studio in Ashbourne or Uttoxeter, so how if the studio is in Stockport is this local.

  10. Darren Plumpton says

    Why is it that slowly but surely ILR /Commercial Radio are being killed off?

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