Smooth Chill to replace Chill on DAB in London

Smooth Chill is the latest new radio station from Global – replacing the almost 15-year-old Chill service.

Chill launched in February 2005 and has been operated by Global since it bought its founder, GCap Media.

Global says Smooth Chill is the perfect antidote to our busy lives, featuring non-stop chill-out music from artists including Morcheeba, London Grammar, Moby and Portishead.

The new service will launch tomorrow, 3rd September, along with Smooth Country.

Smooth Chill will be available in London on DAB whilst Smooth Country will feature on a number of other multiplexes including Manchester, Nottingham and London.

The reveal of Smooth Chill and Smooth Country concludes a week of announcements from Global, which has seen the Media & Entertainment Group launch a total of five brand-new stations – Heart 90s, Heart 70s, Capital XTRA Reloaded, Smooth Country and Smooth Chill, in just one week.

Sam Jackson, Managing Editor of Smooth said: “To launch two new Smooth branded stations on one day is hugely exciting for us and confirms our vision to grow and develop the brand.

“Smooth Country will celebrate the best country music hits, while Smooth Chill will play the best music to relax and unwind to, no matter what time of the day. Through these new stations, we can’t wait to introduce Smooth to even more people, as well as giving our existing 5.7 million weekly listeners even more opportunities to enjoy the music they love.”

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  1. Diandalscotland says

    Wow. That’s a surprise. Thought Smooth Chill and Smooth Country were going National also.
    So London only to get Smooth Chill and a few places to get Smooth Country. mmm.

    1. Cliff King says

      Going to miss Chill in the Midlands. Once again concentrating only on London. There are other parts of the country as well.

      1. Jason says


  2. Karen Dickson says

    Not impressed can not get chill at all now on my digital radio – really may as well throw it!

    1. Holly says

      I don’t understand why is it only available in London?! I’d say if we were generalising most people in London wouldn’t be listening to chill. Hugely disappointed

    2. Mel says

      Me too. Grrrrrrrr !

  3. Shell says

    Soooo annoyed I can’t get my Chill on my DAB radio anymore in Nottingham, not all of us have an ‘Alexa’ ….this is so annoying for me. Chill was my sanity!!! Why????

    1. Kwoot says

      We never listened to anything but sublime Chill, now it’s gone, apparently culled by its new masters. Why take it over if not to keep its audience? Brilliant and different content has been replaced by the banal garbage we can hear anywhere, and don’t want to. Smooth has no understanding of Chill fans, why they were there, and why they will abandon in droves. Bizarre!

  4. David Richford says

    Can’t sleep at night so have been listening to Chill for years. Very upset I can’t get get the new smooth chill down here in Maidstone. Probably going back to playing cds.

  5. Linda Mitchell says

    Bring back Chill PLEASE!!!!!!!! My most fave radio station.

  6. Stephen Davies says

    I am shocked and dismayed that Chill dab has gone. The replacement instantly betrays the heritage of Chill with a bland imitation. I am mortified.

  7. Chris says

    Bring back Chill!

  8. Wendy says

    Very annoyed Smooth Radio has changed. I love Soul Music!
    Where do I go?

  9. tim says

    Station checks every break – soon be adverts then headlines .


  10. Vic says

    So disappointing to loose Chill, it was our favourite channel, I always listened to it whilst driving. So far Smooth Chill doesn’t seem to be that great, can’t even compare the two channels! So sad!!

  11. Iain says

    I listen to Chill to help me relax. I like my radio alarm to wake me up in the morning with Chill, so I get a non-urgent start to the day (after 30 years in the emergency services). What a great idea it was to just not bother playing anything on Tuesday morning. No wake up music. Alarm goes off in silence. Very late to work. Great planning Smooth. We’ll Done!!!!

  12. Lucy says

    Nooooo 😢 please bring back old Chill. We absolutely loved listening to it every evening. Who’s crazy idea was it to replace it with ‘Smooth Chill????’

    1. Clare says

      Totally agree

      1. Alan says

        Can’t get Smooth Chill on one dab radio as they’ve double stacked the channel with Capital & on the one I can get it? Station checks every break, with as said adverts & headlines to follow. How very sad that a wonderful service could be wrecked in this way – I so needed how it used to be.

  13. Clare says

    It’s nowhere near as good. Plays way more commercial chilled music on repeat instead of the lovely underground tracks chill fm played. Really disappointed.

  14. Am says

    My DAB radio lists Smooth Chill (after retuned) but no music….silence.

  15. Am says

    Had no idea Chill was taken over and like other comments completely gutted. Will miss the chilled cabinet.

  16. Doig says

    Agree with the above posts, new version not a patch on the past Chill fm, name check after every song quite annoying and the new choice of songs far more commercial and quite dissapointing

  17. Heather Neal says

    We totally agree with all the posts. Myself, mum and dog absolutely loved Chill as it used to be. Listened to it for years and it was fabulous. Smooth Chill just isn’t the same. It’s not as ‘special’. The quirky things were fun too. It was always great to hear all the deeply relaxing tracks as well as ones like the fabulous ‘Ramblin Man’. Lots of the new tracks were really nice too. Miss old Chill so much. Heather

  18. Lee says

    What the heck is this rubbish!!!

    1. Me too says

      Got it in Surrey, near London… Its pants. Your not missing out on Jack up there… In fact, Jack fm is better.
      Later, smooth take over, as agree with others, boss the chilled cabinet, it’s commercial, lotsa repeats, mi soul is good too.

  19. Sandra Thompson-Drew says

    I’ve been listening to Chill for years and was shocked to hear that it had been replaced with smooth Chill.

    Also I can’t get it on my DAB radio, despite being in central London.
    A very disappointed fan.

    1. Nena says

      Chill best station ever in my 10years or living in london. Very disappointed now is not available anymore, and the new two digital radios seem not to find it..and i’m In London! Boooo

  20. IntheDark says

    What has happened to The Chiller Cabinet? I’m distraught at one in the morning, and that sux!
    Little bit of info on the Smooth website would have been polite. Just a redirect from is cold.

  21. john cheeseman says

    very sad, chill fm was my companion while working in the garden and in the allotment, picked up some really good artistes and bought the albums,
    dont understand why they have to change things all the time in the name of so called progress, fed up now, bring chill fm back, john

  22. Keith says

    Like many others I mourn the passing of chill and Ben Mynott fluidnation. I noticed the change and the constant reminders that it is smooth chill. Not chilled at all, it has lost it’s uniqueness. Also like others, gone from the car dab radio. If it continues playing stuff you can find anywhere at anytime then it will be good bye from our household, such a loss.

  23. D BERRY says

    WoW! i listen to chill fm since 2007 I have the radio and on my Tv’s thru out my home…also on my ipod and phones.. This station has helped me thru some ruff times… break ups…moving home..etc etc what made this worse for about just over a weeks ago i changed station to Smooth fm (of all places)just to get a few old classics in for a while before moving back to chill fm..and ive got back here and its gone! i couldn’t get enuff of this….The last time i heard chill was Sunday 1st sep… last sunday when i usually light up the incense while i play it on my computer… in the background of my sunday chill outs!! (tearing up) im sorry i ever moved the channel now. i blinked and then it was GONE!!! But why?

  24. D BERRY says

    I feel like Ive just lost a dear friend that’s been good to me for years. 🙁

    One of the magic things with chill FM…was their never disappointing playlist that never failed to please and ease the pressure of life when it was getting you down…they use to bring back good memory’s of past years and good times… I hope the new people will keep some of the old original playlist, they were like magic happening in your home… im listening now, im still hearing some similar tracks..
    Good things never last forever in this world, appreciate the good things in life before they disappear…
    Let me listen for a bit more with a very rare drink on a Sunday evening and

  25. Kat says

    SO disappointed…no warning and simply not the same music…Bring it back PLEASE .If not at least provide the old playlist so I can find ithe music elsewhere. Thanks

  26. Dronedout says

    I agree with all the negative comments here about the replacement to Chill DAB with the bland and predictable Smooth Chill from Global. So incredibly disappointing. And even that’s disappeared from DAB radio and won’t retune. Chill was absolutely brilliant in every way and the selection of often challenging and interesting music beyond comparison. Only alternative is SOMA Dronezone and Deep Space One through the internet for that special electronic music we all love. Not the same as Chill DAB though sadly.

  27. Tahir says

    This is insane. Please bring back chill dab. I’ve been listening since 2007. I bought a dab radio just to listen to chill at work. Now its gathering dust. Chill dab was totally unique and nothing else came close. Sadly, Smooth chill miserably fails to maintain the same ambiance and exclusivity. I am sorry but it is a poor replacement and will never fill the colossal void left by Chill dab.

    Chill dab was truly one of a kind. It wasn’t broken so why did you try to fix it !!

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