Andy Everett and Brent Tobin promoted at Global

Andy Everett has been promoted to Managing Editor, Heart whilst Brent Tobin is promoted to Managing Editor, Capital.

Andy has been Heart’s Deputy Managing Editor since 2013 and steps up to take the reins of Heart following the appointment of James Rea as Global’s new Director of Broadcasting, with James previously at the helm of Heart.

Brent has been with the company for 17 years, playing an integral role in the roll-out of the Capital network across the UK in 2011, including launching new Capital stations in Liverpool, Brighton and North Wales and has run the Capital network outside of London through that entire period.

More recently, he has been Senior Executive Producer for Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp.

With Brent Tobin focussing on Capital, Greg Hughes will now also take on regional broadcasting responsibilities from Tobin and his new title will be expanded to “Group Head of Programming Operations & Managing Editor – Regions” Greg was promoted just last week to “Group Head of Programming Operations”.

James Rea, Global’s Director of Broadcasting, told RadioToday: “Both Andy and Brent are highly respected and hugely talented programmers who know their brands inside out. These appointments are recognition of the integral roles they have played in the continued success of their brands.

“I’m also delighted for Greg Hughes as he takes on the role of Managing Editor – Regions, at Global. These announcements complete my senior programming team.”

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  1. Lee Jackson says

    Both Heart and Capital suffer from repetitive non-local hourly news, less frequent and less local travel news, the same commercials in a different order within each set, speed links usually just before a commercial break, and repetitive music. What will these roles involve unless they are planning wholesale change or variety for the better? Good luck to Andy and Brent but they may become bored unless they enjoy repetitiveness.

    1. Ste says

      They are happy to take the cash, just like many senior managers who are clueless

  2. David says

    Nice chaps but another two white blokes on the senior management team at Global. Diversity is non-existent there.

    1. Mr Boltar says

      Don’t worry, the BBC is there for you. Thats all they care about now, actual talent takes a back seat.

  3. Mr Boltar says

    Is there a standard Global look for these managerial positions? Skinny, Catalogue Man clothes, scruffy beard, look-at-me hairstyle.

  4. Capital Training says

    Getting a bit tiresome reading comments by all these failed radio people, constantly sniping at Global etc. Get a life guys. You didn’t make it in radio. Try something else. I

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