Detector Van advertising campaign starts for Chris Evans

A new advertising campaign for the Chris Evans Breakfast Show on Virgin Radio has kicked off.

Chris, his wife Natasha, and his two sons – seven-year-old Eli and ten-year-old Noah – have filmed the new advert in the Virgin Radio ‘detector van’, styled on the old TV detector vans.

In the TV ad, Chris Evans and his family are on a mission to retune the great British public’s radios.

The 30-second spot which launched on Sky over the weekend sees Chris and his family drive the Virgin Radio detector van into a quiet residential North London road, with Chris pulling up outside a house to send his two sons to work helping residents retune his show.

Noah and Eli also appeared in the previous Virgin Radio advert with their dad.

Creative Director of Pulse Creative, Rob Welch: “As part of our ongoing ‘retune to Virgin radio’ campaign, we’ve teamed back up with Chris and his family and sent them on the road to educate the public. We know there are millions of people out there who just aren’t aware that they have to retune, so this spot alongside supporting digital and press, will help them to easily find it.”

The latest RAJAR results from August gave Chris over 1.1 million listeners. At the time Chris said; “Six months in, and we couldn’t be happier. Amazing guests, the best bands and certifiably the greatest listeners around.”

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  1. Mr Boltar says

    Chris Evans is definately a marmite DJ and I wouldn’t tune in, but you can’t help but admire how he always lands on both feet both professionally and personally.

    1. graham says

      will be no good if chris came to thanet (population 150000) as we have unusable signal.!!. that’s a lot of listeners lost. many areas of kent have bad or no signal . another idea is maybe use a different block (not 11A). as it is the signal is as much use as a chocolate teapot.

      1. mb23 says

        There is no DAB coverage in Thanet because a DAB multiplex on the Belgian coast also uses 11A. Sound Digital knew this when they applied for the licence.

        There are no other sub band 3 blocks available in Kent. the only solution is to listen online. .

    2. T1 says

      Professional ???? not really…. he quit radio 1 after not getting his way (demanding Fridays off).. and he was dismissed from virgin, then lost his court case for unfair dismissal and then had numerous complaints for bullying at the BBC.

      1. Joe Smith says

        Indeed. He isn’t known as Mr Ego for nothing.

  2. Jason says

    Nearly 10 months!! Only seems like last week since he started on Virgin. Time flies when in good company. Keep on rolling Chris!!

  3. Willie Bone says

    It is a nifty advert, encouraging listeners to tune over to Virgin Radio! The two main disadvantags from a listener perspective may be, Virgin Radio has quasi-national reception coverage, while carried on the Sound Digital DAB multiplex. Secondly, the music is in mono only on DAB, an unexciting listening experience in the car..

    1. mb23 says

      The population coverage of Sound Digital is 83%. Virgin’s breakfast show is simulcast on Virgin Anthems in stereo (using DAB+).

      1. Willie Bone says

        Mb23, 83% per cent reception coverage for listener reach is actually poor for a declared national radio station. A stereo version of Virgin Radio is also available within the radio section on Sky..

  4. Owen says

    Oh, Chris’ kids again. Really cringeworthy the way he uses them on air. I’d have thought someone of his experience would know better.

    1. JW says

      Absolutely. The man has no shame.

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