Global to launch 24 hour rolling news radio station

Global is taking its London rolling news service national and around the clock as it launches LBC News on D1.

LBC News will be on 1152 AM in London and nationwide on DAB+, in addition to Global Player and smart speakers.

With the strapline “Where The News Never Stops”, the station will operate under a full news update in 20 minutes every 20 minutes format, with presenters including former Sky News presenters Martin Stanford, Lisa Aziz, Ian Payne as well as Jim Diamond.

LBC London News currently broadcasts in London for 13 hours a day, with the rest of the output taken from LBC.

The relaunched station will also broadcast Prime Minister’s Questions live and in full every Wednesday at midday, as well as staying with press conferences and other events of major importance for extended live coverage.

According to BARB figures checked by RadioToday, Global is the second-largest news broadcaster in the UK behind the BBC in terms of Weekly Audience Reach.

Global’s Weekly Audience Reach for news stands at 23.7m – more than Sky, ITV and ITN.

Ashley Tabor-King, Global’s Founder & Executive President, said: “As the first commercial radio station in the UK, LBC has a 46-year history of providing the latest news, so it is exciting to launch LBC News, a new, dedicated station for the brand that can stay with major stories and events live longer and dedicate itself to pure news.

“With Global’s 24-hour rolling news radio channel, there will be no opinion or debate, just the news – on the radio, online and on our app – live, as it happens.”

The UK’s only other rolling news service, News Radio UK, has a format of rolling news in 10 minutes, every 10 minutes, and is available on a couple of local DAB multiplexes along with Radioplayer and apps.

LBC News launches on Monday 28th October at 6.00am.

In related news, Radio X is switching from mono on Digital One to Stereo using DAB+.

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  1. Steve says

    What AM frequency will that be?

    1. Ian Scott says

      1152 AM in London, as indicated in the article, second para.

    2. Sue says

      Could we see LBC replaceing Gold on AM at sometime in the future???.

      1. david worth says

        No am transmitters cost to much to run audience are declining soon 1548 and 1152 will close, as will more talksport am transmitters , as more white vans have dab radio

  2. Joe Smith says

    Much of the current news on Global is at least twenty-four hours old so hiring someone to listen to the BBC and repeat it in their next bulletin would be a massive improvement.

    1. Phil says

      Bring back bob and Doug!

  3. Richard says

    The news is sourced from Sky in the main, but they will have some LBC input too!

  4. Tony Harding says

    Give us 22 minutes?

  5. Ray Woodward says

    So, basically what you are saying is that ‘LBC’ are going back to the format they ran in October 1973.

    Not exactly “new” …

    1. Stuart says

      They weren’t a rolling news station back then.

      After LBC lost it’s license in 1994, it’s replacement on 97.3 FM was this format

  6. Tony Harding says

    Wasn’t that what it was supposed to be when ILR started? This is World In Action from 1972 (Audio only)

    1. Ron Dobbyn says

      Will Jim Diamond be singing his hit record, “The theme from Boon” One of the best ever breakfast shows was on LBC London Radio AM it was Douglas Cameron , Kim Michaels, and Phil Kennedy.

      1. Radio Geordie says

        No. He’ll be singing his other hit – should’ve known better.

  7. Andy says

    If the news is to be provided by Sky in the main, it will probably be mostly sports news, much like their bulletins they provide for other stations. Amazing the synergy between Sky holding the Premier League rights for TV and filling their ‘news’ with the results.

  8. Lee says

    Global need to invest in variety of existing programming on their other stations not introduce more stations. I suppose news bulletins every 20 minutes fits in with the repetitive formats on their other stations.

    1. Radio Geordie says

      It’s not a new station if you live in London as its been around for decades. All they are doing is rolling the London AM service out across the UK, probably to justify the station’s existence given that within the next few years, the Brookman’s Park AM transmitter is likely to be decommissioned with the next 5 years – and the AM licences given up.

  9. Kevvo says

    LBC London News has been a crazy seat-of-the-pants operation up to now, with the single presenter desperately scrambling to turn round Sky News audio clips literally as they broadcast. Surely they’re going to need a bit more production back-up for this new operation..?

    1. James says

      I get the impression there’s already a bit more production backup than there used to be.

      1. Paul Smith says

        Probably someone on work experience or minimum wage has been roped in to do the production.
        Why the sudden splurge on a rolling news format after years of cuts? Hard as they tried, ITN News Direct 97.3 was the last operator providing a 24 hour service, even with the cuts it made up until the end of 2002.
        Chrysalis only offered a partially live overnight service with some automated content when the format switched to 1152AM. Further cuts and cost efficiencies chipped away at the output.
        Gobble took the heart of the station, chewed it up and spat it out long ago. I suspect this could just be another train set to play with.

  10. Dave says

    Hmm DAB or DAB+ ?

    1. mb23 says

      Radio X is switching to DAB+ on Friday (probably 40k). That frees up 40k for LBC News using DAB+.

      There isn’t enough room for another 64k MP2 service, unless something else also switches to DAB+..

  11. Nev jack says

    Trouble is DAB+ is fine for fitting more into the pint pot, but many people bought DAB radios ( not DAB+) not too long ago and these work perfectly well!! Now they will be deprived of many DAB stations…having to fork out yet again! What happened if the boffins come up with DAB++??? The same hassle! Time for them to open up more muxs, many more available,but can’t be used in coastal areas because of interference with other countries.

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