Planet Rock presenter heard swearing over song intro

Ofcom has rejected a complaint about a presenter on Planet Rock who was overheard saying “…what the f*** is he doing?”.

Bauer explained that the programme is usually pre-recorded, but was broadcast live on the day in question – 12th July 2019.

It said that the offensive language was broadcast accidentally when the un-named presenter thought he was off-air.

The Licensee said that it immediately issued an on-air apology and the presenter was reminded of the Code and station rules. Bauer said that both it and the presenter apologised and assured Ofcom that this was an out of character mistake by an experienced presenter.

Bauer added that it was giving further training to all presenters and producers following the incident.

Ofcom’s research on offensive language makes clear that the F word is considered by audiences to be among the most offensive language, but on this occasion decided not to uphold the complaint.

In resolving the complaint, Ofcom said: “We took into account that the language had been broadcast live in error, the on-air apology, and the steps taken by the Licensee to prevent recurrence. Ofcom’s Decision therefore is that this matter be resolved.”

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  1. Lee says

    Another big radio group getting away with it.

  2. Joe says

    Presenter swearing because he thought he was off-air? is it possible to be any more amateurish?

  3. Ian Scott says

    When a community station accidentally plays a track with the F word in it – they are held in breech of licence.

    One rule for the big boys and one for the rest.

  4. Loomesy1984 says

    Oh F**K!

  5. Alan Blair says

    Is this all we’ve got to be worried about.

    1. james smith says

      Alan Blair It would appear to be an honest mistake. ref ‘Bauer added that it was giving further training to all presenters and producers following the incident.’ Some one has an exagerated idea of their own standing

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