Global confirms Capital FM to replace Quidem stations

Capital FM will launch on the frequencies of Touch FM, Banbury Sound and Rugby FM, Global has confirmed to RadioToday.

The programmes will come from London with a separate Drive show across the rebranded stations hosted by Ollie Gallant and Simon Alexander from Touch FM Breakfast.

The relaunch will take place on Monday 2nd December at 6am.

Touch FM, Banbury Sound and Rugby FM owner Quidem gained permission from Ofcom earlier this year to change their Formats to rhythmic-based, music-led services for 15-29 year-olds, and agreed a deal with Global to take the Capital brand.

A Global spokesperson told RadioToday: “Global has entered into a brand licensing agreement with Quidem Group, which owns Touch FM, Banbury Sound and Rugby FM. From 6am on Monday 2nd December, these stations will rebrand as Capital. This brand licence is an exciting opportunity for Capital and we look forward to welcoming new listeners across the Midlands.”

The stations switching to Capital are:

107.6 Banbury Sound (Banbury, Brackley & North Oxfordshire)
107.1 Rugby FM (Rugby)
96.2 Touch FM (Coventry)
102 Touch FM (Shakespeare’s County & The Vale)
107.3 Touch FM (Warwick, Leamington & Kenilworth)
101.6/102.4 Touch FM (Tamworth, Burton & Lichfield)

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  1. Chris G says

    More locality lost to be replaced with shows broadcast from London.

    Such a shame.

    1. sj says

      …said both listeners in Coventry and Warwickshire!

    2. mb23 says

      It was automated outside of breakfast and it was still making heavy losses.

  2. Neal says

    Congratulations once again Ofcom in further enhancing Global’s opinion that they are now powerful than God himself. Head to the internet people FM radio is dead and buried. Try Laurel Canyon Radio, Paradise Radio, 92.5 The River, United DJs, Radio Caroline to name but five.

    1. sj says

      It was Quidem’s decision to take Capital because nobody’s listening and they’re losing money hand over fist. Honestly, who can blame them? If enough people actually cared about local content, Global wouldn’t be able to make a success of their national brands. But listeners don’t seem to be bothered.

    2. Sue says

      Shock horror not really, touch was pretty much dead in the water.
      I guess all eyes will be on fosse 107
      will it be next?. How about heart in east midlands.

    3. Adrian says

      You are so right Neal,Laurel Canyon is a joy to me as are several Dutch online stations even though I don’t speak it-music is fabulous.However,about these Quidem stations,they will not be missed by many I reckon-automated output 21 hours a day,little local relevance any more on the output,they did have some ‘different’ music in the evenings until fairly recently which was refreshing but apart from that nothing to really attract many listeners as the audience figures indicated.I’m not sure how you can really provide a service of particular interest to Rugby,Banbury,Coventry and rural parts of Warwickshire and Staffordshire at the same time anyway-they could be more relevant when they were separate entities but there appears to be no money to do that anymore or should I say interest from advertisers now that there are so many stations available away from FM and AM.

    4. Mike Rose says

      Ah yes good old Laurel Canyon, stuck in the original hippy age with it’s 16 listeners.

  3. PC in Spain says

    Exciting, ummm said a man in a suit

    1. Sue says

      Shock horror not really, touch was pretty much dead in the water.
      I guess all eyes will be on fosse 107
      will it be next?. How about heart in east midlands.

  4. Dave says

    I guess the Loughborough fosse107 will most probably end up as heart at some point in the future. These small ILRs as a business model do not work.

    1. rob says

      if only now, some of the deejays are very boring

  5. Jerry says

    No one will miss Touch. Its output was dated and such small area and I should now I live there. Good luck oli and si who are talented and do a good podcast. Radio 2 and bbc c&w and bbc hw will gain the listeners . Life will go on but this isn’t a shock as small listening figures and heavy losses means it was always on the cards

  6. Radio Geordie says

    Many people are blaming Ofcom for the current situation in radio. The thing is, it was its predecessor (The Radio Authority) who is really to blame as they allowed for so many of these licences to exist in the first place, thinking only about the Moolah they would make from issuing such licences, instead of focusing on whether they could work.

    I’ve said it before in relation to similar stories, many of these services would’ve been better off by doing what Nevis Radio did – applying to switch from a commercial licence to a community licence.

    1. Mike Rose says

      At last, someone who thinks the same as me. Well said Geordie, though it may only apply to some licenses they gave out back in the day. I’m only saying that because Centre, Kix, Rugby & The Bear, for some reason, seemed to better than they did towards the end Would they have survived in the multi-channel age? Who knows. It was turning most of them into Touch that killed them.

    2. mb23 says

      To be fair to the Radio Authority, when they advertised the Stratford licence (won by The Bear in 1996) they couldn’t have predicted that 23 years later people in the area would have access to over 50 DAB stations, and many more online.

      That’s how the industry has changed in the period.

  7. T1 says

    Globals turnaround time to rebrand and restructure these Coventry, Warwickshire, Staffordshire and Oxfordshire stations is so impressive. It’s only been a few months since agreeing a franchise deal! Bauer in comparison have been mucking around with their purchase of free radio in Coventry and Warwicshire for over 2 years and still haven’t re branded whilst loosing so many listeners. Global will flatten the Bauer stations here now.

  8. langleybury8 says

    Global should have rolled out Radio X onto them, kept Ollie and Si on Radio X drive, and then Chris Moyles would have got coverage in the Midlands.

    Currently Radio X only has coverage in London and Manchester. Giving them coverage in the Midlands would probably be good PR.

    Since it’s a franchise, they’d have to do local programming anyway, as it is, but Global could turn Capital 96.2 and 102.8 into Radio X with Tom Watts on drive, leaving 105.4 as Capital with Claire Chambers on drive for Leicestershire.

    Heart, Capital and Smooth get all the franchising, not so much Radio X.

    1. DARREN CALVERT says

      Radio X is a national brand. Its the same schedule everywhere hence they dropped local shows in Manchester and completely dropped Scotland XFM

      Absolute tried an FM Midlands relay and it didn’t last

  9. jerry chesterman says

    Whoops do Capital FM replacing Banbury sound,can’t wait more of the same cross and tiny play lists haven’t they heard of a broader spectrum of music……No!

  10. Lee says

    What a shame. More of the same syndicated tripe! If they offered something different or unique then people would not need to turn to the internet.

    How on earth can you not make a profit by employing so few people and only having one live show a day! A whole weeks output could be produced in one day. This smells of poor management in my view. A poor show now for UK commercial radio.

  11. Mark Budgn says

    More boring radio from Glodull.

  12. Dale says

    Suuch a shame, but no suprise really global are terrible

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