Panjab Radio to cease broadcasting on national DAB

Panjab Radio has taken the decision to stop broadcasting nationally via the Sound Digital DAB multiplex.

The station will be removed tonight at midnight, three years after it joined.

Panjab Radio’s Managing Director Surjit Singh Ghuman MBE told RadioToday it’s been tough to sustain the national service due to a number of reasons.

Surjit points out there are a number of local community stations competing with commercial radio in their field, which have lower overheads so can offer lower advertising rates, and because of the financial climate within the radio industry in whole.

He says: “Will now concentrate in Greater London as the majority of our listeners and local advertisers are in this area.”

Panjab Radio acquired 558AM in Greater London in August this year from Love Sport, which is expected to take some of the space vacated by Panjab on Sound Digital.

Panjab Radio will now be available on 558AM and DAB in London, satellite channel 0130, online and mobile app.

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  1. Mr Boltar says

    “tough to sustain the national service due to a number of reasons.”

    Not enough listeners then but they’d never admit it. Quite why they thought anyone in Little Snodbury on the Wold or anywhere else outside the multi ethnic cities would listen to a Punjabi radio station is anyones guess.

  2. Nathan says

    No great loss prob be anther heart station coming heart 00s heart ++.please put something worth listening to in its place

    1. mb23 says

      The multiplex is part owned by Bauer & News UK, so it won’t be a Global station.

      1. Stephen barnes says

        Maybe absolute 70s now they’ve started adding presenters

    2. Radio Geordie says

      According to the Radio in the UK Twitter feed, Love Sport is now broadcasting nationally. As Sound is the only one with any available capacity, its a half decent guess that they’ve taken over some if not all of the capacity.

  3. Manny says

    Not happy as a number off people I know in the punjabi community listening to the station are supprised its disappeared on DAB especially the elderly members of the community who relied on the station to keep them entertained during the day at home.Also people had paid like a membership fee to the station.

  4. RJ says

    Not surprised, I listened to the station regularly as I spent time on the road. Surjit Ghuman the MD of the station (if it’s the same guy) hosted on many occasions and to be honest wasn’t really engrossing the audience come across quite patronising’ dogmatic and self righteous. Other hosts didn’t quite have a grasp of English nor the Panjabi.

    Fundamentally, they needed and still do, a better class of engaging broadcasters.. Tommy Sandhu- ish.. personality he might still be available, at least the least a guy like Tommy is more representative of the UK Panjabi’s., Ok his Panjabi is not great but he’s damn entertaining. This is not a slight, simply my opinion. Good luck to you all.

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